Novemeber real estate transfers


SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during November. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, the lot number on that street (if available), and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Bradley Boyer to Stanley and Sherrell Egbert, Linden Street, lot 240, $14,000

Fort Loramie

Rapid Development to Jason and Jami Meyer, Stadium Drive, lot 587, $40,800

Bradley Turner to Aaron Ritter and Amanda Goldschmidt, Monterey Drive, lot 16 and 238, $178,000

Joe Westerheide to Jay Schulze and Erica Fullenkamp, Monterey Drive, lot 25, $169,900

Derrick Prueter to Derek Coverstone, West Main Street, lot 35, $155,000


Harold Stover to Andrea Schweitzer, White Horse Trail, lot 101, $62,000


Shaw Weinstock to Cameron Alexander, North Sycamore Avenue, lot 2559, $49,000

Kyle Bailey to Robert and Nancy Barkhaus, Bridlewood Drive, lot 6934, $183,000

Clinton Realty to BBS Charities LLC, Campbell Road, lot 6053, $2,198,000

Phyllis Slife to Betty Bernardi, Grove Street, lot 1205 and 1206, $53,000

Lori Collins to Jeremy Blair, South Franlin Avenue, lot 431 and 432, $50,000

Jeffrey Hall to Chad Compton, North Street, lot 315, $10,000

Fifi Madigan to Geise Fmaily Limited Partnership, St. Marys Avenue, lot 17, $30,000

Wilcox Investments to Theodore and Carol Heckman, Addy Avenue, lot 6365, $153,000

Valerie Murphy to Patrick Kist, South Miami Avenue, lot OL 75, $26,000

C & L Kimmel to Brian Kroeger, Dartmouth Street, lot 4761, $134,900

Richard Heniser to Tom and Amy Lyons, Doorley Road, lot 4741, $130,000

Korey Spradlin to Danny and Anna Miller, St. Marys Avenue, lot 569 and 570, $15,000

Jacob Dunaway to Henry and Betty Murphy, Riverbend Boulevard, lot 4102, $92,500

Genevieve Noe to Micharl Noe, West North Street, lot 1925, $60,000

Richard Arnold to PDM Real Estate LLC, Kossuth Street, lot 2045 and 2046, $57,000

Sheryl Schroer to Mark Plessinger, Broadway Avenue, lot 68 and 69, $75,000

Braden Dunham to Thomas and Constance Smith, Williams Street lot 2005 and 2006, $88,500

Mark Guenthner to Daniel Stewart and Kristen Barger, Armstrong Drive, lot 4142, $112,500

Shirley Rose to Subler Enterprises Inc., Old Vandemark Road, $77,000

Cheryl Fendert to Eric and Melissa Welsh, Spruce Avenue, lot 2516, $95,000

Alan Stewart to Joshua and Jael Wethington, Chestnut Avenue, lot $145,000

Dinsmore Township

Gailyn Thomsen to John Greiwe and Donna Greiwe, North Walnut Street, $2,000

Franklin Township

Michael Hughes to Robert and Kendra Berryman, Lochard Road, $27,000

Ralph Fearnley to Wesley and Jennifer Diaz Delgado, state Route 119, $169,000

Jackson Township

D. Klopfenstein to Chris and Amanda Barhorst, Meranda Road, $129,204

Loramie Township

Allen Chaney to Abraham and Paige Francis, Johns Road, $160,000

McLean Township

Joseph Henke to Nathan and Jodi Brandewie, Fort Loramie-Swanders Road, $28,000

Orange Township

Elizab Grillot to Andrew Delehanty, Knoop-Johnston Road, $115,900

Kenneth Herbert to Wayne Borland, Miami Shelby Road, lot 130, $269,900

Perry Township

Rita Borland to Fairlawn Board of Education, Johnston Road and state Route 29, $700,000

Salem Township

Allan Nash to Gerald and Dolores Detrick, Golden Rod Court, lot 21 and 22, $7,500

Michael Kline to John and Marie Harr, Ailes Road, $36,000

Turtle Creek Township

Danny Miller to Korey and Lori Spradlin, Hardin-Wapak Road, $15,000

Van Buren Township

David Poppe to Jeff Sager and Theresa Ruschau, Roettger Road, $60,000

Washington Township

Joyce Snowden to Camilla Anderson, California Drive, lot 61, $2,000

Gerald Long to Michael Gehle and Janell Houck, Millcreek Road, lot 302, $243,000

Jo Fitzpatrick to Allen and Chris Rehfus, Fessler-Buxton Road, $82,800


Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman