Garrett calls for regional debates

URBANA— Janet Garrett, Democratic nominee for the Ohio congressional seat held by Jim Jordan, has proposed five debates between now and mid-October.

The Garrett campaign is suggesting debates on consecutive Wednesday evenings in Urbana, Lima, Marion, Fremont and Elyria, beginning Sept. 12. The unusual size and shape of the district, which encompasses parts of 14 counties, results in voters getting their news from five different media markets.

“This election offers two distinct visions of American democracy. Jim Jordan advocates for a drastically smaller government with fewer services and protections, while I believe in the promise of America as the land of second chances, where government has a crucial role to play in ensuring equal opportunity and worker and consumer protections. I look forward to enlightening, civil discussions with Congressman Jordan to help our voters make an informed choice on November 6th.”

The Garrett campaign contacted the Jordan camp on Wednesday to discuss the proposal. “These are just suggested dates to get the discussion started,“ said Zach Stepp, Garrett’s campaign manager. “We’re happy to work with the Jordan folks and local press outlets to find dates and times that work for everybody.”

The proposed dates and locations are: Sept. 12, Urbana; Sept. 19, Marion; Sept. 26, Elyria; Oct. 3, Lima; Oct. 10, Fremont.