Sidney city staff to draft legislation on fire code, revitalization

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — Sidney City Council directed city staff to draft legislation for the 2017 Ohio Fire Code, the Downtown Revitalization District Application, and for the upcoming Civil War Weekend during Monday’s meeting.

Sidney Deputy Fire Chief Cameron Haller presented council with a discussion on the 2017 Ohio Fire Code, which he said was amended based on the 2015 International Fire Code. Haller told council it is a compatible document to the Ohio Building Code and other international codes in the building and trade industry published by the International Code Council.

The Ohio fire code establishes the minimum standards for safeguarding life and property from fire and explosion in Ohio. Currently, Haller said, Sidney recognizes the 2011 edition of the Ohio fire code. The Ohio Administrative Code rules that comprises the Ohio fire code became effective on Dec. 15, 2017. Haller noted that the fire code was developed by the State Fire Marshal for statewide applicability, as required by the Ohio Revised Code, and was subject to several years of consensus development and public hearings prior to adoption.

At the end of his presentation, city staff was directed to prepare legislation on the 2017 Ohio Fire Code for consideration at a future council meeting.

Mark Cundiff, city manager, gave council an update on establishing a revitalization district downtown. He said Sidney Alive established the district boundary area, and then submitted an application to Mayor Mike Barhorst to establish such a district, which is the beginning steps.

Cundiff then reminded council members of the following subsequent steps, per the Ohio Revised Code, to create a revitalization district:

• The mayor, within 30 days after receiving the application, shall submit the application with his recommendation for approval or denial to City Council.

• Within 30 days after council receives the application and the mayor’s recommendation, City Council, by notice published once a week for two consecutive weeks in the local newspaper, shall notify the public the application is on file in the city clerk’s office and is available for public inspection.

• Within 75 days after the date the application is filed with the mayor, City Council, by ordinance or resolution shall approve or disapprove the application.

• If council disapproves the application, the applicant may make changes in the application to secure its approval by City Council.

After receiving the application, Barhorst submitted the received application and his letter of endorsement to the Sidney City Council members. After some brief discussion, council directed city staff to prepare the necessary legislation.

Parks and Recreation Director Duane Gaier led a discussion on the upcoming Civil War Weekend. He asked for council to suspend Tawawa Park’s hours for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic from Friday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Sept. 16. He also requested the suspension of the discharge of firearm and noise ordinances only associated with the event scheduled at the park Saturday, Sept. 15 and Sunday, Sept. 16.

Gaier noted that on Saturday and Sunday, Union and Confederate troops will be skirmishing, or fighting, throughout the park. He said visitors are to stay clear of troops who are engaged. During the staged battles, visitors are reminded to stay behind the caution tape for their protection and that of the re-enactors.

He said visitors are welcome to stop by the encampments of both Union and Confederate re-enactors and talk with them about the life of the common soldier during the War Between the States. H e encouraged visitors to feel free to ask about the food they are eating, the weapons being used, their drill, camp life and tactics.

It was noted the 2016 Civil War Weekend was well received and was a successful event. Council directed city staff to prepare the legislation for consideration at the Aug. 27 meeting.

Council also:

• Adopted a resolution waiving past due city utility fees utilities in the amount of $1,315.35 at 715 Foraker Ave., a parcel owned by the Shelby County Land Bank. Gary Clough, assistant city manager/public works director, said the fees consist of $1,037.53 for EPA mandated fees, $59.25 for late fees, $24.71 for sewer charges, $135.34 for water charges, $54.03 for stormwater utility fees and $4.50 for stormwater capital fees.

Clough said the Land Bank states they paid $5,621.66 “in hard costs” for this property, and are now in a position to sell it for $6,000 with the potential buyer intending to rehabilitate the house and sell it to a potential new owner.

• Adopted an ordinance to increase appropriations for the 2018 budget by $314,300.

• Was introduced to an ordinance assessing the cost of unpaid utility bills for water, sewer and stormwater charges of certain property owners. Karen Berning, revenue collections manager, said the amounts are outstanding as of July 30. and will be collected with other property tax obligations. Six properties will be assessed a total of $17,499.07, she said.

• Was introduced to an ordinance that modified a previously adopted ordinance on the right of way of small cell towers. The language changes were for general procedures and standards for the siting, construction, placement, collocation, modification, operation, and removal of small cell facilities and wireless support structures within Sidney, Clough said.

• Adopted a resolution confirming the reappointment of Randy Rose to the Zoning Board of Appeals to a new term ending June 30, 2023. He was first appointed to the Zoning Board on July 11, 2016, to fill the unexpired term of Carri Riedel.

• Adopted a resolution confirming the appointment of Blaine Miller as the Orange Township representative and Tim Weaver as a general aviation member on the Airport Advisory Board. Miller will take the place of Orange Township Trustee Dennis Martin, who reached his maximum third term limit on this board. This is Miller’s first board appointment. Weaver will replace Russ Gottemoeller on the board, as Gottemoeller did not wish to be reappointed. This is Weaver’s first board appointment.

• Adopted a resolution officially urging Gov. John Kasich to route the projected state budget surplus back the cities’ and villages’ instead of funding Kasich’s proposal to fund income tax withholding reduction and the state’s rainy day fund. Cundiff said the resolution would urge Kasich “to begin restoring funding levels to municipalities.”

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.