RNC and ORP hold Republican leadership training in Shelby County

SIDNEY — The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) hosted a Republican Leadership Initiative Trainingprogram on Wednesday, Aug. 29, in Sidney, Ohio where Ohio volunteers learned the tools and resources needed to mobilize voters in their own communities in order to secure GOP victories up and down the ballot.

The Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) is a national program of the RNC used to train the next generation of grassroots leaders and community activists. Unlike traditional volunteers, RLI fellows work alongside GOP operatives to mobilize their communities around topics that directly impact them.

“Through the RNC’s Republican Leadership Initiative, battle-tested organizers receive training similar to field staff, enabling them to establish a permanent presence in their communities year-round,” said Mandi Merritt, Ohio communications director for the RNC. “We are arming passionate Republicans with the skills and resources necessary to reach out to their own communities and build neighborhood teams who are equipped to door-knock, make phone calls, and register voters.”

According to the press release submitted, the Democrat “blue wave” will crash in Ohio thanks to fundraising numbers​ and major technological investments in data and field operations from the RNC. Party officials have stated that they plan to utilize $250 million in funding for ground operations in the 2018 midterm cycle.

“The RNC has more than 500 people on the ground in over two dozen key states working to mobilize voters before November,” Merritt said. “This year alone in Ohio we have trained over 900 people through our intensive Republican Leadership Initiative program.”

Over the last six years, the national party has invested over $200 million in databases and campaign technology, which allows volunteers knocking on doors to have up-to-date information about voting history in primaries and general elections, as well as household information.

So far this cycle, volunteers across Ohio have made over 2 million voter contacts, knocking on over 845,000 doors and making over 1.6 million calls.

“For all this talk of a ‘blue wave,’ Republicans have won nearly every high-profile election this cycle and have mobilized a grassroots army of volunteers,” said Merritt. “Republicans are organized, energized and ready to defy history come November.”