Republicans file for re-election

Staff report

SIDNEY — Julie Ehemann, Shelby County Republican Party chairman, recently announced the filing for re-election of numerous County officials.

Both Robert Guillozet and Tony Bornhorst, currently serving their first term as County Commissioners filed petitions several weeks ago. Since their election is 2012, Guillozet and Bornhorst have focused on repairing and improving Shelby County’s infrastructure as County funding improved after the Recession. Other recent filings include Prosecutor Tim Sell, Sheriff John Lenhart, Clerk of Courts Michele Mumford, and Coroner Dr David McDonald.

Recently named Sheriff of the Year, Lenhart has worked tirelessly to improve our community with School Safety Officers, Inmate worker programs, ALICE training and other outreach efforts.

Sell and Mumford, she said, have helped the courts with the professional management of their respective offices.

“All of these persons have worked as a team to ensure Shelby County is run as efficiently as possible and have been accessible public servants. I am pleased they have all decided to pursue continuing to serve us at the County level,” said Ehemann.

Staff report