Kiwanians hear from local pastor

Staff report

SIDNEY — At a recent meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Sidney, First United Methodist Church Pastor David Chivington, gave a Christmas message to the club.

It has been a tradition for many years to have a local pastor give the club an annual Christmas message. Chivington wanted to give the historical and true story of Christ’s birth versus legend. He had on display a manger scene that his wife has as part of her collection. Chivington pointed out that in many depictions, the manger is made of wood. However, wood was scare in those days and it is more likely the manger was made of stone.

Chivington pointed out that only two gospels speak of Christmas, those being the gospel according to Matthew and Luke. Christians believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and conceived by the Holy Spirit. Celebration of birth, at that time, was a pagan celebration. Therefore, the first Christian celebration of Christmas was not celebrated until the year 336 during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor. Until then, the resurrection of Jesus (Easter) was celebrated.

Tradition has it that Mary was told that she would have a very special baby on March 25th. Christmas, December 25, is exactly nine months after that date. Also, is it said that three kings came to visit Jesus. Chivington said the number was probably greater than three and they were not Kings but Magi. Magi is where the English word magic comes from. These wise men were probably scientists, magicians, and astronomers.

In other business, DiAnne Karas reported that 64 cribs have been donated to deserving families in the past five years. Jake Romaker reported a good turnout for the Salvation Army bell ringing on Dec. 19. Three Aktion Club members assisted Kiwanians in this project. A friendly competition between Kiwanis and Rotary was held on this date. No word yet as to which group collected the most money.

Staff report