Tree board discusses tree sale, upcoming events

SIDNEY — The city’s second annual tree sale, tree plantings for upcoming bicentennial celebrations and the 2020 Tree City USA awards luncheon were discussed during the October Sidney Tree meeting.

According to Sidney Tree Board minutes, Brian Green, street superintendent, told the board the 139 trees sold in the city’s tree sale were expected to be delivered on Oct. 24. Distribution to buyers at the city’s service center was set for Oct. 27. Among the trees sold in 5-gallon containers were: white pine, $32; sugar maple, $33, bur oak, $32, bald cypress, $32. The trees sold in 3-gallon containers were: American plum, $17 and Yellowwood, $19.

It was noted planting instructions were to be provided with the trees as they were handed out to buyers. The possibility of offering larger trees at a future tree sale was discussed. Joyce Reier, city arborist/public works administrator said larger trees are substantially higher in cost. She said the ability to offer larger trees would depend on Woody Warehouse’s availability.

Reier also shared she and Parks and Recreation Director Duane Gaier are co-chairing a committee to plant public and private memorial trees for the bicentennial celebrations in Sidney in 2020 and Shelby County in 2019. She said Tree Board Chairwoman Ann Asher is also on the committee.

The board discussed plans for the 2020 Tree City USA awards luncheon to be hosted by the city of Sidney. A meeting will be held in December at the Senior Center of Sidney-Shelby County to discuss further planning.

The city of Sidney’s Urban Forestry brochure was handed out to board members to review for corrections. Reier pointed out two phone numbers listed in the brochure were incorrect.

Green shared that no trees will be planted this fall, as the funds are needed for maintenance. He also said several trees in the city have been removed, including many that are large and costly.