‘Turnout fantastic’ for midterm election

SIDNEY — The 2018 midterm election is in the books. Unofficial results will be certified on Monday, Nov. 19, at 7:30 a.m. by the Shelby County Board of Elections.

“Vote turnout was fantastic for a mid term election,” said Board of Elections Chairman Chris Gibbs.”In 2014 the voter turnout was 53.2 percent, this year 64.7 percent of the registered voters turned out. Absentee voting too was heavy. In 2014 we counted 2,834 absentees while this year we have processed over 4,800 absentee requests.”

Provisional ballots preliminary totaled 291, said Gibbs.

“Those will be processed beginning tomorrow (Nov. 7) and the eligibility of each provisional voter will be determined at election certification on Nov. 19.

“We were very proud of our precinct election officials and staff particularly in light of the extraordinary turnout,” he said.

Final results including all 35 precincts were completed by 9:20 p.m.

Four local candidates ran unopposed in the election. Re-elected to office were Commissioner Julie Ehemann, 15,876 courtesy votes; Auditor Amy Berning, 16,039 courtesy votes; Shelby County Common Pleas Court Judge James Stevenson, 14,747 courtesy votes; and Shelby County Common Pleas Court Probate/Juvenile Judge Jeff Beigel, 14,933 courtesy votes.

Unofficial results of the issues in Shelby County, which were on the ballot, were:

• Botkins Local School District tax renewal, 596 for the levy and 268 against the levy.

• Loramie Ambulance District, 2,129 for the tax levy, 570 against the tax levy.

• Loramie Township Houston Fire District tax levy, 253 for the levy, 80 against the levy.

• Village of Fort Loramie, current expenses tax levy, 560 for the levy, 134 against the levy.

• Village of Jackson Center, current expense levy, 320 for the levy, 159 against the levy.

• Local liquor option, requested by Casey’s,385 for the option, 107 against the option.

• Village of Kettlersville, current expenses levy, 28 for the levy, 51 against the levy.

• Dinsmore Township, fire levy, 473 for the tax levy, 175 against the tax levy.

• Green Township, fire levy, 236 for the tax levy, 149 against the levy.

• Loramie Township, road tax levy, 534 for the levy, 257 against the levy.

• Orange Township, fire levy, 425 for the tax levy, 171 against the tax levy.

• Salem Township, road levy, 466 for the tax levy, 370 against the tax levy.

• Salem Township, fire levy, 570 for the tax levy, 272 against the tax levy.

• Riverside Local School District, DeGraff, income tax replacement levy, 974 votes for the levy, 214 against the levy.

• Osgood Area Joint Ambulance District, tax levy, 675 for the levy, 100 against the levy.

• Village of Versailles, referendum on Ordinance No. 18-91, 739 for the referendum, 415 against the referendum.