Land bank continues property demolition

By Patricia Ann Speelman -

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Land Reutilization Corp. (land bank) has 10 properties that have been contracted for demolition and another 10 to schedule for demolition when asbestos removal is complete.

So reported land bank Director Doug Ahers during the regular meeting of the agency, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Among the scheduled demolitions are 10387 Seminole Drive, Lockington, and in Sidney, 305 S. Miami Ave., 534 Jefferson St., 118 Brooklyn St., 12414 county Road 25A, 412 Sycamore St. and 224-226 s. Walnut St.

Ahers reported that the land bank has been reimbursed by the Neighborhood Initiative Program, a state funding partner, a total of $627,101. Upcoming demolitions are estimated to cost about $80,000.

Two properties acquired by the land bank were sold instead of demolished. Houses at 20522 state Route 47 in Maplewood and 1800 Robert Drive in Sidney have new owners. In addition, the house at 12266 Short Drive is up for sale in a sealed bidding process with a minimum bid of $25,000. Ahers said five parties have indicated interest.

A path to ownership of some land bank properties is a Mow to Own program. People who own adjacent houses can take responsibility for mowing vacant lots in a process that results in a transfer of ownership of the lots to the homeowners. Ahers said there is one Mow to Own contract now on a property in Maplewood.

“We have several properties in various stages of foreclosure,” Ahers reported, “and are in the process of acquiring other properties.”

The land bank owns three houses on North Main Aveue. It hopes to acquire a fourth and then bid all of them for demolition on one contract.

In other business, Ahers noted that the state is auditing the organization. The audit will be ongoing until auditors have completed their evaluation.

By Patricia Ann Speelman