December real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during December. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, the lot number on that street (if available), and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Mark Heitman to Anna Local Schools Board of Education, West Walnut Street, lot 89, $57,540


Anthony and Tina Rogers to Travis and Tracia Dietz, King Street, lot 498, $220,000

Tricia Mullen to Nathan and Chelsea Freisthler, North Mill Street, lot 75, $85,000

Fort Loramie

Betty Rethman to Michael and Gayle Holthaus and Thomas Timmerman, Dawson Road, $7,000

Carla Traub to Derrick and Courtney Prueter, East Park Street, lot OL 6, $260,000

Randall and Kathy Schafer to Bradley and Andrea Turner, Buckeye Street, lot 610, $40,000


Michael Sowers to Randall and Mary Brelsford, Tow Path Trail, lot 89, $12,000

Port Jefferson

Stephen and Paula Butterfield to Stephen and Mandy Long, Rickway Drive, lot 15 and 16, $156,000


WAW Investments LTD to John Berger, Main Avenue, lot 417, $30,000

Elmer and Phyllis McMaster to Michelle Cooper, Williams Street, lot 2038 and 2039, $148,000

Terah Stewart to Jacob Crisp, Holly Place, lot 3853, $95,500

Arthur Davidson to Jane Davidson, Buckeye Avenue, lot 2124, $81,000

Sidney Pancake Properties to Eight K’s Enterprises Inc., West Michigan Street, $625,000

Elizabeth Osterfeld to Theodore and Carol Heckman, Sixth Avenue, lot 3601, $70,000

Sheryl Mensah to Brant Jones, Broadway Avenue, lot OL 123, $112,500

Darrell and Dorothy Henson to Larry Jones, Hall Avenue, lot 43, $79,900

Mark Cottrel to Jeff Scholl, Brooklyn Avenue, lot 4, $5,000

Marvin and Mary Stafford to Andrew and Bey Cara Sells, Russell Road, lot 234 and 235, $92,900

James and Dorothy Meyer to Shaun Shell and Amy Westbay, Russell Road, lot 24 and 25, $125,000

Norma Sarver to Alton and Jennifer Slaven, High Avenue, lot 32, $60,000

Kenneth and Chieko Pipke to Franklin and Margaret Streb, Stratford Drive, lot 4262, $172,000

Franklin and Margaret Streb to Ernest and Susan Vestal, Johnston Drive, lot 98, $113,000

Pamela Wearly to Michelle Wroda, Hillcrest Court, lot 2645, $128,000

Douglas Eustache to Michael Morrison and Brandi Eustache, Shroyer Place, lot 3751, $100,000

David Lemaster to Cecelia Nicodemus, Port Jefferson Road, lot 65, $133,000

Michael Docter to Christopher and Amber Bucio, North Main Avenue, lot 27, $85,000

Cynthian Township

Janice Prenger to Anthony Quinter, state Route 47, $128,000

Jackson Township

Roger Bowers to Ryan Fleming, Pasco-Montra Road, $153,000

McLean Township

Helen Wilson to J Henry Wacker Farm LLC, Luthman Road, $40,500

John Prenger to Frederick and Cynthia Poeppelman, Sextro Road, $34,000

Orange Township

Christobal and Robin Valdez to Scott and Diane Selanders, Charm Hill Drive, lot 69, $323,000

Perry Township

Gailyn and Barbara Thomsen to Penny and Garry Fairchild, state Route 29, $79,750

Gailyn and Barbara Thomsen to James and Cheryl Boyer, state Route 29, $275,000

Salem Township

Don and Kui Blevins to Christopher and Kristen Bickford, Pasco-Montra Road, $151,000

Thomas and Kathryn Lee to Nathaniel and Alanna Lotz, Meranda Road, $30,000

Van Buren Township

Gregory Opperman to Ronald Argabright, Luthman Road, lot 12 and 13, $15,000

Washington Township

Lisle and Patricia Smith to Toni and Curtis Schmidt, Lehman Road, $165,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman