Vitale co-sponsors Ohio Income Tax Reduction Act

COLUMBUS — State Representative Nino Vitale, R-Urbana, has co-sponsored the Ohio Income Tax Reduction Act. The Act would save taxpayers millions of dollars through tax cuts.

“The State of Ohio is on-course to have a strong fiscal surplus,” said Vitale. “That means the State has collected more of your money than it should have. I say return it and while we are at it, collect less so you can have more and government should do with less.”

If passed, the Act would reduce income tax in Ohio by 2 percent and simplify the Ohio tax code. Ohio is one of only three states that extend its tax rates to the thousandths decimal point.

“I think we forget sometimes, that government does not make money, it takes money from our paychecks,” said Vitale. “All of these government programs and all of this government spending adds up. Have you ever really looked at your paycheck? For most people, for every dollar they make, 30-45 cents is never put into your checking account, it’s put into the government checking account. And then we go and buy gas and other items and are taxed again.”

The State of Ohio has exceeded its anticipated tax collections and has a robust savings in the Budget Stabilization Fund.

“It is only fair to return a portion of the surplus to you,” said Vitale. It’s your money, you earned it, and I want to protect it. This simple change in a decimal place could mean thousands of dollars a year for Ohioans.”

The Ohio Income Tax Relief Act would lower taxes for Ohioans making $10,851 a year all the way up to those making over $217,400 a year and would be retroactive to all of 2018.

To contact Vitale, call the office at 614-466-1507 or email at