City employees honored

SIDNEY – The city of Sidney honored 33 employees, Friday, Dec. 21, at 10:30 a.m., during the Service Award Ceremony.

They were honored for their years of public service, ranging from five years to 30 years. The awards ceremony was in the Council Chambers in the Municipal Building.

Employees honored this year were:

• 30 years of service: Luke Voisard and Lynnette Brown.

• 25 years of service: Christopher Niswonger, Gregory Francis, Jerry Tangeman and William Baker.

• 20 years of service: James Heuing, James Jennings, Valerie Leigeber, Regina Ostendorf and Ernest Shaw.

• 15 years of service: Lynn Shuster, Chad Hollinger, Brian Lundy, Joshua Divens, Jason Viapiano, John Mentges, Jeff Poeppelman and Roger Evans.

• 10 years of service: Clifford Keener, Scott Marchal, Mary Lou Leffel, Crystal Barton and Kristina Siler.

• Five years of service: Justin Aselage, Nicholas Zimmer, Chad Arkenberg, Earl Carruthers, Darlene Driskell, Frederick Nuss, Bradley Schulze, Mark Tennery and Jade Billing. Chupp | Sidney Daily News Chupp | Sidney Daily News Chupp | Sidney Daily News Chupp | Sidney Daily News