Dear Santa Claus …

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I’ve been good. For Christmas I would like Call of Duty Black OPs II and Black OPs 4. I would like a Cozmo also. I’d really like a new coat too. There are some other things that I want too, like army dog tags, nerf guns, kids duty belt, toy arm guns and a real watch. Ive been helping mom and dad to earn money so I can buy Smashers season 1 and 2, XTreasure, Elite nerf vest, black army vest, night vision goggles and a fortnite shirt. Maybe you could bring some of those things too. I hope your sleigh can hold all that.

Love you Santa

Brice Sharp


Dear Santa,

Hi im Teven im 9 years old and from sidney ohio. This year for christmas id like another leather jacket. Id also like some dead pool toys. Id also like new pair of nikes. The most id like is a blue hoverboard. I think i should be on the good list. Cant wait to see you!!!!


Teven Hickman 9 years old sidney ohio


Dear Santa,

Hi my names Abrianna Hickman im 4 years old and live in sidney ohio. Ive been a really good girl this year santa and id like a drum set. I also want a golden hoverboard. Also i would like mickey mouse roadster tool work bench so i can work on stuff around my house. Cant wait to see you im ready to bake you some cookies.


Abrianna Hickman 4 years old



Dear Santa,

my name is Damien Hickman im 7 years old from Sidney Ohio i am on the good list. this year i want a reign deer off santas sleigh. And nerf guns with nerf vest and mask.


Damien Hickman from Sidney Ohio


Dear Santa,

Hi Im Nevaeh im 11 years old from sidney, ohio. This year for christmas id like a camera set. Id also like to get my nails professionally done. I have been a very good girl this year.I help my mom all the time. Cant wait to see you santa!!!!


Nevaeh Hammons 11 years old Sidney Ohio


Dear Santa,

My name is Alyaeh Hammons i am 10 years old im from Sidney Ohio. I am on the good list this year. For Christmas i want a poopsie pooey puitton slime suprise. Also id like jars of slime and cloud cotton candy sime and mudd mixing cloud slime. Most of all i want a designer bag. Cant wait to see you santa thanks.

Love, Alyaeh Hammons 9 years old Sidney,Ohio


Dear Santa,

My name is Mason. I would like for Christmas.

1# Ribbon wach

2# legos

3# pokemon

4# nerf

5# iam next

6# Jrewlel

7# figgit spinner

8# a puppy

9# boxs for a box fort

10# a purple pillow

Merry Christmas

Mason Mullins


Dear Santa,

My name is Emmalynn and I am 8 years old. For Christmas, please bring me a baby alive potty doll. I have tried to be a good girl. I will leave you milk and cookies. I will also leave carrots for your reindeer. Please tell Mrs. Claus and the elves hello from me.




Dear Santa,

My name is Knox. I am 2 years old. I have tried to be good this year. Please bring me a choo choo train for Christmas. I hope you, Mrs. Claus and the elves are doing good. Merry Christmas.

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

this christmas i would like a dirt bike, play station four, the game fortnit, star wars battle front, Ipad, Ipod, kuiu jacket and pants, bebe gun, 100 candy canes, candy cane net launcher, flanel PJ’s, all the Jigsaw jones mystery book’s

thank you

Matthew Adams

Sidney, ohio


Dear santa

I been good this year very good can you get me a wal-mart gift card and a new phone candy neclace bracelet and can you please get me some playing cards beef sticks shaver some baby clothes body spray make up some lotion cd player and some cd’s some notebook a baby swing I need a new brush and warren has been good this year and my mom she has been good to butterball my dog he has been good to.





and Butterball

Ashley chistmas list

1. nacelace

2. snowflake embroidered fleece PJ set

3. Easy-to-Read watch with silicone stretch Band

4. Hatchimals surprise

5. fuji instax camera mini by fuji

6. wahl

Warren chirstmas list

1. baby books

2. baby brush

3. baby shampoo

4. baby lotion

5. baby clothes

6. newborn diaper size newborn


1. 105-piece ladies tool kit

2. four step safety ladder with grips

3. robot vacuum by shark

4. bath set

Butterball chirstman list

1. milk bone

2. beef sticks

3. dog food


Dear Santa,

Thank you for all you gave me last year. You are so nice. I would like toy nunchucks. Do you have a beard and do you have a mustache? Does your hat have the magic to make you fly to everywhere you go or do you have the magic by yourself?


Cash Raymond Doseck

age 7



Dear Santa,

Hello Santa this is Aiden James Allen. Here are a few things I would like you to bring. A toy food truck, with some food to go along with it, also some paw patrol toys, PJ Mask toys and lots of hot wheel cars. Looking forward to seeing you for Christmas.


Aiden James Allen Age 3.


Santa I know what christmas is all about its about spending time with your family and loveing all of peoples family and most of all its about you God and Jesus. I love you Santa.

love Madison


Santa I know what christmas all about its about spending time with your family and loveing all of peoples famly and most of all its about you God and Jesus I love you Santa

love Parker Ellis


Dear Santa,

My name is Abram. I’ve been good all of the time! (Except when Quinton jumps on my back when I’m playing Mario.)

I would like some toys this year and a dog. If I get a dog I would name him Nice because that is what I am.

Love, Abram


Dear Santa,

My name is Coraline Cade and I am 2 years old. My mommy is helping me write my letter this year.

I have been a very good girl/little sister this year. For Christmas I would like a Fancy Nancy doll, a Sunny Day doll, “dress up” play costumes and Frozen toys. I hope you think of me this Christmas. Thanks, Santa!

Merry Christmas!


Coraline Cade Teasley


Dear Santa,

My name is Charlotte Rose and I am 5 years old. I am writing you to let you know I have been very good this year. I have been doing well in school and ballet class. For Christmas I would like a butterfly costume, a new yoyo, rollerskates, a crate creature and a Peppa Pig camper. I hope you will think of me this Christmas. Thank you, Santa!

Merry Christmas!


Charlotte Teasley


Dear Santa,

I want a Thanos for Christmas, and a sippy cup for my brother Victor.

Logan B.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a new shrek DVD, and some new slippers. For my baby brother bring some diapers.

Love Steven B.


Dear Santa,

How have you been? How are Mrs. Santa Clause and Rudolf?

I have been a good boy this year. And Snoopy was good too. He wants another bone please.

What I want for Christmas is a snowboard, another stuffed (animal) bear and an electric car for my track, other cars, balloons and that’s it.

I’ll have milk and cookies waiting for you on Christmas Eve.

Thank you!


Luke Roadcap-Schoewe


Hi Santa,

I would like a Cleveland Brown’s football jersey, preferably Baker Mayfield. I would also like a 10-12 speed mountain bike, preferably black. I’ll leave cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer.

Merry Christmas,

Michael Klein


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like the fishie game, the duckie game, art stuff, new books, more puzzles, 16 and 18 (that means you paste), PJ Masks everything and a pink Niko so that Niko has a friend (I’ll call her a girl). I would also like a large doll, a small doll and a medium sized one. Also, a PJ Masks reader and books and a PJ Masks look and find. I think you’re great.



(3 yrs old)


Dear Santa,

My name is Hannah Ostendorf I am writing for my little brother Brady too. All I wanted for Christmas was my Granny to get home from the hospital. Thank you for making that happen. All my Granny wanted was to see her family for Christmas. I would also like a zoomer puppy, the games soggy doggy and charades. Brady wants soggy doggy too and Mario maker and paw patrol stuffed animals. I was wondering if I could get a ride in your sleigh. I dont care if you have to wake me up early because I am a morning person. If you dont have time on Christmas you can do it while I’m on Christmas break.


Hannah and Brady


Dear Santa,

What I would like for Christmas is…

1. A new phone

2. For it to snow (a lot!)

3. New purple watch (like my old one)

4. Chromebook

5. Shirts (not long sleve!)

6. Some toughness so I can be better than my dad at basketball.

7. Coke can mini speed RC Radio Remote car

8. robe (Light purple)

9. On the go girl solid

10. A book (chapter book)

Hailey Hensley

Sidney, Ohio


Dear Santa,

Hello! My name is Sawyer Hensley. I am only 7 months old, but very excited for my first Christmas with my sisters.

I would like to have…

1. Mickey Mouse chair

2. Play phone

3. Peek-a-boo Elephant

4. Stuffed Animal

Thank you!!




Dear Santa,

What I would like for Christmas is…

1 Chromebook

2 new bike-coler Blue,Black,White

3 Fortnight bed cover

4 Fortnight plow

5 Fortnight onesie

6 Pet turtle

7 Fortnight pop heads

8 Slime

9 underwear

10 turtle robe


Peyton Hensley


Dear Santa,

This year I mainly would like to get a Dog preferably Tobias, it would make me so happy and filled of joy to get him. If you could plese work your magic and get Tobias to be at our house when I get off of school at 2:25 on Tuesday November 27, 2018, that would be awesome and make this the best Christmas ever! If we end up with our new fur-ever family I will need some non-stuffed dog toys for Tobias to play and have fun with. I will probably also need some other dog supplies like the perfect Tobias hair brush, and maby a rain/winter coat & boots so he and I can go on plenty of enjoyable walks together without freezing.

If we unfortunately the dog doesn’t work our or mom doesn’t get to Sicsa on time to get him I guess I need a list of my own. For the Just In Case List (JICL) I wouldlike one of those red sparkly boxes that opens like the one in my room filled with a variety of candy. I deffiently want Merci. There is also a Queen sized bed spread that is or is like a blanket that I like. If you can’t find any of those things, I love surprises.


Hannah Weldy


My Chrismas list

1. limeted addion hachamal

2. hovorbord

3. Nike Headbannd

4. Nike sandles

5. Nike Hoodie

6. coloring books

7. legos

8. gummy machen

9. Ice cream maker

10. giant eraser

11. giant gummy bear mold

12. A pichure of clyde




Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I love Santa. I would like my little ponys, my own painting material, LOL Dolls, Christmas ornaments, skate board, Christmas decorations for my room, books, baby doll that crys, and a bean bag chair.




Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Emily M. Stone,

I am 9 years old,

I have been good this year,

This year I would love:

NINTENDO SWITCH with Mario games, nickalodeen slime,

Mario pajamas,

art stuff to do

a Snoopy stuffed animal

Pnelopes some clothes

A TINA and GENE Pop figures from the show: Bob’s burger,

New calendar,

A big Rudolph and Claries.

We will leave yummy cookies and milk.


Emily Stone


Dear Santa,

I would like a Mario Kart Remote Control Car and dart board and Mario Party 9 if available


Alex Holbrook


Dear Santa,

I have tried to be a very good girl. I listen to my teacher and my Dad and Mom. I love my Dad, Mom, my sister, my brother, Grandma and Grandpa and my cousins and my friends.

I would like an lol box full of lol balls and a lol house.

Thank you Santa

Gracelynn Wyen



Dear Santa I want a ano

ther cittin to ree plac my othe

r one and a pony in a pin with lots

of hey and Fihs and I wold like

to see Rudolph and a Ferret

and a Giant hatchimal




Addy 6 yers old

(Addy Barga, Sidney)


Dear Santa,

I;ve tried to be a good person this year and I try not to fight with my sister. It has been a good yhear and I have had lots of fun. This year was a fun year. I had lots of fun with Addy. I know last year I asked for a game and thisyear is the same. i want a Xbox One S bundle with BattleFeild5. And mabye Fallout 76. If you want to throw a years worth of Xbox Live Gold so that I can play with my friend. If I could get a pumpkin pie for Mrs. Clause that would be sehr gute.


Devan Wiford



Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas, even though it is maybe a couple days or one or two weeks Till Christmas. But it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. i know how I always ask for something that is on my list. But I was hoping this year you and the elves could maybe make me a homemade toy like a toy that you all up in the NOrth Pole used to make. it would really make this Christmas a really great one. If you have ever seen the Santa Clause movies, you know the ones with Tim Allen in the movies. Anyone of those toys is what i would really like. I hope you can mke me one of them and if you can’t it’s okay.

From, Ainsley Wiford

Merry Christmas Santa and everyone else at the North pole.

P.S. Don’t forget about Denali.


Dear Santa, Hi Santa! for

Christmas. I would like #1: the Lol doll

house. #2: the Lol biggie pet. #3: a little

live pet. I have a question for you how

do you take all of the presents to the

children in just one night. Bye! have a

very nice Christmas.

Sincerely, Abby Holbrook