Dear Santa Claus …

to sata

from Jesse

I wot A tuxsedo.

And to clen up

my groJ.

my mom can’t get me

or my sister enythig

for christmas


Dear Santa

I want more big monster trucks.

A monster truck race track.

A cat.

A carrot.

A new shirt




gymnastics equipment

hatchmal Big

sour pach kids


Hi santa I want to tell you my list so

this is what I want I want lols and some

pikmi pops and a horse and a stuffed unicorn

and some barbie pets and also a new rainbow

hair barbie and a new Glitzy clip and some

shirts and pants and some fingerlings minis

and the christmas set and some sqishies and

a new ring and thats my list and also marry

christmas!!! and have a gift


krismis konley




Please take this to the North Pole


Dear Santa,

My name is Brayden Smith. I would

like for christmas Pokeman cards, and

some beyblade evolution toys. I would like

a big chocolate bar that I can share.

I would also like a Nexo Knight puzzle

Also a wrestling set with John Cena and

the Undertaker.




Dear Santa,

I have been good only a few

time outs at school

I want a small baby with clothes

and big girl pants on and baby alive

and a bottle.

Please my sister and brother a present too.




Dear Santa,

I would like a watch

for Christmas.

Please bring my mommy


Thank you



1. tan army men

2. foot tball players

3. dog

4. Black panther

5. Fish tank


Brice 6


Dear Santa

my chiristmas

List is Done.

I want LOLs, pikmi

pops surprise,


pink, pomsies

plush patches, LOL

surprise House,

Dont step in it,

santa mare

chiristmas. I have

ben rilly Good.

Love Anna


Dear Santa,

this chiristmas I would like a lego

hulk buster, lego Thanos: Ultimate battle,

Hulk buster HQ playset, funko pop Hulk buster,

Imagenext Jurassic Rex, benlo Alien creation chamber,

Benlo Deluxe OMnitrix, Pie face cannon, CLUE, Beyblade

Burst, and thats my list.

thank you for your time I have been really good

this year.


Lucas Koenig


Maddie list

1. Bath Booms

2. lip Booms

3. slime

4. squshes

5. clechet car

sitn 6. that says Maddie room

7. candy

8. shoe

9. compoter

10. toys

11. fantasic gymnastics

12. Bookbag

13 makeup


Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl

this year. I would like princess

dresses. My favorite princesses are

Rapunzel, Ariel and Snow White.

I will leave you milk and cookies

and carrots for the reindeer.



Age: 4


Dear Santa,

I am not sending you this letter

just to ask for gifts I am also

wanting to tell you that I still belive in you and in christmas

majic. I also want to tell you my list, Its not that long this

year but I would like just these few things.

1 Poloride camra Acsessories

2 Natendo switch

3 fingerling hug (pink or unicorn)

4 An Iron

5 A New T.V.

6 wooden doll ferniture

7 Elf on a shelf cloths

This Is all I’m asking for this year but I dont need it

all so you decided what I do and do not need.

Thank you,


Laila Caudill


I would like to have the new Hotwheels ultimate Garage, Legos,

Super Monster Toys, and a T-rex that eats other dinosaurs.

We will be sure to leave you chocolate chip cookies and some milk.

We will leave some carrots for the reindeer too! Don’t forget to take

Bobo (our elf) back to the North Pole with you!





I would like pants and shirts.


Dear Santa

This is Lilly Velazco. I have been a good girl for my mom

I would like -1. PJ 2 Parie

2. Toyes

3. Blaket and two Blakets for my bed – And i would like to get my mom

a fitbit watch and i would like a cat tow that makes soud.

and i will put cokes out for you milk.


Hi my name is Laura

I wold like a Fitbit and a new phone

a tablet


Hi my name Jason

I wold like a fitbit

a new phone

and a talbtl


Dear Santa,

My name is Jared Lofton and I would like for Christmas

is Power Ranger Bullrider Zord, Beyblades Evolution,

Pokémon Cards, Power Ranger Dino Charge Toys,

Lego Nexo Knight Castle, Ninjago Legos, Newer Voltron Set.

Thank You,

from Jared Lofton


Dear Santa,

Hi! My name is Addison Smith and I am 7 years old.

I have been trying really hard to stay on your “Nice” list

this year. some of the wonderful things I have done are:

put dishes away, feed my dog, clean my room, and help mommy

clean house. I have a few wishes this year: Drone w/ camera,

moon mirror, necklace, Adidas clothes, and Alexa. I am very excited

for your visit. I promise to leave out some cookies and milk for you.

Please give my favorite reindeer Comment and Rudolph a hug for me.

Happy Holidays,

Addison Smith


Dear Santa,

I have tried to be a good mommy this year.

I would like a blender, and for you to give the reindeer’s

a hug from me, Be safe!




Dear Santa

My name is Liam and I want: Red chain saw, Hot Cheetos



Dear Santa,

There are only a few things I want this year for christmas and

they are: a Bean Bag sofa sack, a lego advent calendar, a rc car

and a phone case, if you could please maybe get some of those

for me thank you.

Sincerly, Henry P.


From: Ella

to: Santa

Dear Santa, I have some things I want for Christmas.

can I have a chrom book, a very big fluffy blanket, a

iphone 6, some shoes, head phones, and clothing.

I know that is much and I’m sorry.

I also have a quaten do only give un one thing on our list.

sorry for the bad spelling. one more quaten are hank and jingles

comeing pls writ back


Dear Santa,

How are you? I am 8 years old. And I have been a very good boy

this year. This is what I would like for Christmas this year, a PJ masks

hq, a gekko mobile, and a catcar, an owlette lider, and a ninja school bus,

and Romeos lab, a night ninja ninjalenos.

From, Anthony Balster


Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year, even last year.

And thank you for the presents. This what I would like for

Christmas, a big candy cane, princess dresses, make over

Princess table, a color table. I love you.

Abby Balster


Dear Santa,

I want a playhouse, a locket, 2 Disney trips, love, a Piggybank,

a phone, a snow globe of Disney World, another American Girl doll,

I want to see Mandisa, I want to go to a concert, and I want a little rideable car.

-Serenity Grace Willow Holtkamp Age 6