SCS to unveil preschool plan

Public meetings set for Jan. 9

SIDNEY — Sidney City Schools is working to develop a plan to bring preschool back to Sidney City Schools and part of that includes a reconfiguration of the district.

The district is ready to share rough plans with the community through public meetings to be Wednesday, Jan. 9.

In early December, Sidney City Schools administration announced it had plans to bring preschool services back in-house. Sidney City Schools has an arrangement with Shelby Hills for preschool services for children with special needs, or those on IEPs. Due to a number of reasons, including an increased cost of the service provided by Shelby Hills, the district began exploring the feasibility of bringing preschool back in-house.

District administration met with a group in December to lay out a rough plan and seek feedback. That committee comprised teachers, parents, day care directors, and realtors. They then notified all teachers and staff of the potential changes prior to winter break.

“Sidney City Schools puts a priority on doing what is best for our district, which impacts our community,” said Sidney Superintendent Bob Humble. “In keeping this focus, we have an obligation to our students and community to do what’s best for kids while being fiscally responsible and accountable. We’re ready to share a rough plan that will get us there.”

The public meetings will take place, Wednesday, Jan. 9, at noon and 7 p.m. in the Sidney High School Auditorium, 1215 Campbell Road. Two meeting times have been scheduled to accommodate different work schedules. Both presentations will share the same information.

The community will be brought up to speed on what precipitated the potential district reconfiguration and bringing back preschool and what the changes are anticipated to look like.

Public meetings set for Jan. 9