Carter addresses school counselors

Staff report

SIDNEY — Magistrate Gary J. Carter, of the Shelby County Common Pleas Court, recently spoke to a group of 20 school counselors from Shelby County about what happens in court when a counselor is subpoenaed.

The meeting was arranged by Helen Ward, of the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center, and was at the Bridge Restaurant in Sidney.

Carter provided the school counselors with sample copies of subpoena forms, as well as copies of the relevant sections of the Ohio Revised Code. Carter explained that there are a number of exceptions to the confidentiality requirement that may result in a school counselor’s being required to testify. An example would be when a clear and present danger to the client or other persons is indicated.

The school counselor should go to court as written on the subpoena, unless the attorney who signed the subpoena says the counselor’s testimony is no longer needed.

School counselors were also told that even if they go to court, the judge or magistrate may not allow their testimony, unless an exception applies.

Carter said that he comes from a family of teachers, and he enjoyed meeting with the school counselors.

Staff report