CCAO talks infrastructure

COLUMBUS — Jon Honeck, County Commissioners Association of Ohio senior policy analyst, testified before Gov. Mike DeWine’s Advisory Committee on Transportation Infrastructure and discussed the challenges facing Ohio’s road transportation infrastructure, recently.

“Counties are responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 26,000 bridges and 29,000 county road miles. They rely on a strong partnership with the state in order to meet this responsibility, but this partnership is being slowly eroded over time as state revenues are stagnant, construction inflation takes its toll, and our aging infrastructure is in need of major renovation,” he said. “In 2017, counties received a total of $205.8 million in motor fuel tax revenue from the state, but this tax rate has not been increased since 2005. Counties also received $246.5 million in distributions from state license registrations, but the fee has not changed in decades.”

Honeck’s full testimony can be seen at