City fills 526 potholes

SIDNEY — Sidney city workers filled 526 potholes and spent time on snow and ice-control efforts in January.

Gary Clough, assistant city manager/public works director, reported in the City Manager’s Newsletter issued Friday that crews spent 110 hours filling 526 potholes between Jan. 1 and 28.

Workers used 7.5 tons of material. Total cost was $10,387, with $9,030 of that in labor costs and $1,358 for materials. This calculates to $19.75 per pothole.

Between Jan. 16 and 21, workers spent 174 hours regular labor and 89.5 overtime hours on snow and ice. Total labor costs were $23,524. The city used 221.2 tons of salt at a cost of $15,479. Total cost in labor and materials was $39,003. The city received 3.35 inches of snow during the period. This calculates to $11,642.72 per inch.