Mumford elected OCCO secretary/treasurer



SIDNEY — “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. – Albert Einstein

“2018 was a great year for the Clerk of Courts office,” said Shelby County Clerk of Courts Michele K. Mumford.

Her report continues:

The Legal office processed over 64,000 filings. Civil case load came in at 247 cases, 226 domestic cases, 397 criminal cases and 908 judgment liens. We had 121 new and renewed notaries in 2018. We have continued to improve our e-filing by simplifying our processes to allow more items to be submitted electronically. Attorneys are now able to submit all Civil and Domestic filings via the e-filing system, and Criminal cases can be e-filed from beginning to end now. The Legal office has also started the process of adding old cases to our on-line docket. All civil, domestic and criminal cases from 2004 to current have been imaged and are available. There are also a few older case images available on our on-line docket.

The Title office processed over 19,000 titles, 321 passport applications as an acceptance agent and 943 boat registrations.

In December I was nominated and elected to a position as secretary/treasurer on the Ohio Council of County Officials (OCCO). I will hold that position for a period of two years, then move into the Vice President of the OCCO for two years and finally will become the president. The OCCO includes representatives from the County Auditors Association of Ohio, County Clerk of Courts Association, County Commissioners Association of Ohio, Ohio State Coroners Association, County Engineers Association of Ohio, Ohio Judicial Conference, Ohio Prosecuting Attorney Association, Ohio Recorders Association, Buckeye State Sheriffs Association and County Treasurers Association of Ohio. When I was asked to accept this nomination I felt humbled and excited about the opportunity to represent the citizens of Shelby County and the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association. This gives Shelby County a unique opportunity to have a voice with many associations at the state level regarding changing our way of thinking and changing our world.

Chell Everett, Title Office manager, was asked to co-chair the Title Committee by the OCCA president. This is the first year a non-clerk has been asked to co-chair a committee. The Title Committee works with State organizations on vehicle title, watercraft title and registration, also taxation issues. They are also involved with recommending legislative changes regarding titling. Chell also sits on two State committees, the Title Re-Design and Title Manual Committees.

Looking forward into 2019, the vehicle and watercraft titles for the state of Ohio will be changing in size to an 8 ½ by 11 and the back will be color coded to make it more user friendly. The website to see the new title is . All previously issued, valid versions of the Ohio Certificate of Title may still be used to sell/transfer/register motor vehicles.

In 2019 we hope to continue streamlining the e-file process making it easier for our users. We will be working with our software company and IT department to make this a reality. As we stream-line this process, we will continue to reduce paper usage. The records can be viewed via our Clerk of Courts on-line docket. The website address is .

It is an honor and a privilege to continue to serve the citizens of Shelby County. I look forward to the challenges and changes. Please feel free to contact our Legal Clerk of Courts office by phone 937-498-7221 or at the Title Clerk of Courts office 937-498-7277. I look forward to any and all questions or concerns.