It’s time be social media free

National Day of Unplugging held sundown to sundown March 1-2

DAYTON — In honor of the #NationalDayofUnplugging, the Great Miami Riverway’s social media accounts will be silent on Friday, March 1. The National Day of Unplugging is an annual 24-hour digital detox from technology allowing people to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings.

While the Riverway’s social media accounts will be quiet, the Riverway itself will not. We invite you to put your cell phones away and enjoy these analog activities:

• A Game Knight – gather with friends and family in one of Hamilton’s newest small businesses to play board games (

• Great Miami River Recreational Trail – walk, hike, bike, or run part of the Nation’s Largest Paved Trail Network. Going outside makes you smarter – we wrote an article about it here (

• Coffee Conversations – enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with mentors, co-workers, or new acquaintances. Check out our Coffee Lover’s Trail:

• Expand your mind – take your kids to the library or a museum. Take an art class at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, enjoy the Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin, explore Carillon Historic Park or the Dayton Art Institute, or visit Johnston Farm & Indian Agency in Piqua.

While the Riverway’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts normally share events, visitor images, and highly sophisticated poetry (check out our #OutsideValentine to Outside Magazine on Twitter), we invite you to join us in reconnecting with your neighbors, family, friends, and community. #Unplug

More information on the Great Miami Riverway is available online at

National Day of Unplugging held sundown to sundown March 1-2