Calling all Leap Day babies

SIDNEY — If you were born on Feb. 29, we’d like to write about you.

Whether you are turning 1 (4) or 25 (100), we’d love to feature you in our Feb. 29 edition. Please answer the following applicable questions and email them to Alexandra at [email protected]:

• Current city of residence/birth year/parents names

• Do you have any memorable or interesting birthday stories? What did you do? What did you get?

• On non-leap years, what day do you celebrate your birthday?

• Do you like having a Leap Day birthday? If so, what do you like about it? If not, what don’t you like about it?

• If you happen to have any photos from your Feb. 29 birthday, (for example blowing out a cake with eight candles on it when you’re obviously not 8-years-old, etc.) we’d love to include them. Please put them in “.jpg” format and attach to the email. A photo isn’t required.

If you have anything else to include you may. Please submit this information by Feb. 25 at noon.

Alexandra may also be reached at 937-538-4825.