Durbin serves community for 17 years

His engineering experience is an asset for Building Code of Appeals Board

By Kari Egbert - For the Sidney Daily News



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SIDNEY — Many of the city of Sidney boards and commissions don’t have pre-requisites or requirements for service, but the Building Code of Appeals Board is a bit different. To serve on the Building Code of Appeals Board, the member must be qualified by experience or training pertaining to building construction. To say that retiring board member Dave Durbin is a perfect fit is quite an understatement.

Durbin began his career with the Dayton Power & Light Company after obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Dayton. “My wife Mary encouraged me to get my professional engineering license and it’s one of the best things I ever did!” Durbin said.

After leaving DP&L, Durbin worked for an electrical contractor for a short time, and then over 40 years ago he landed a position with Ferguson Construction and moved to Sidney. At Ferguson, he reviewed plans and building permits, among other things, to ensure compliance with building and construction standards. Even after retirement, Durbin kept his building and construction skills sharp by setting up DJD Engineering, a private plan examination company. It’s this background and experience that made Durbin the perfect fit for the Building Code of Appeals Board.

Durbin wasn’t sure who it was that originally contacted him about serving back in 2002, but he felt that the community had been good to him and it was a perfect way to use the skills he had spent a lifetime building and refining.

“It was my way of giving back to the community that has become my home. I wanted to be a part of the community where I lived and worked,” Durbin said.

A native of Doylestown, Ohio, Durbin and his wife Mary consider Sidney to be home.

“This board doesn’t meet often (it has met less than six times since he was appointed in 2002), but it’s a very valuable resource for community members who feel the building inspector has provided the wrong decision,” Durbin said. “I have a great respect for current Building Inspector Dave Brulport. He has done an outstanding job of providing the correct information.”

When asked what the biggest challenge was he faced during his term on the board Durbin shared that the hearing itself could be a challenge. “The board is there to hear both sides of the story and provide a qualified opinion within the parameters of the regulations. It doesn’t always end with a happy customer.”

If it’s possible to pass along an engineering gene genetically, Durbin has done it. Two sons of his seven children have degrees in mechanical engineering (one with a master’s degree and one has a doctorate) and five grandsons have also entered the mechanical engineering field; grandson number six will enter that same field in fall 2020. I’m sure they will follow in Durbin’s example to give back to their respective communities by sharing their talents.

Thank you Dave Durbin for all that you have done for the city of Sidney!

The city has approximately 82 volunteers on some 20 different boards and commissions. The time and many contributions these citizens lend to our governing process have been greatly appreciated over the years. Persons interested in any of these positions should contact the city clerk’s office at 937-498-8148 or by email at kegbert@sidneyoh.com.

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His engineering experience is an asset for Building Code of Appeals Board

By Kari Egbert

For the Sidney Daily News