Flag ceremony kicks off event

By Terry Pellman - For the Sidney Daily News

SIDNEY — The first phase of the Shelby County Bicentennial community celebrations kicks off with the recognition of Hardin as the first county seat. Events on the morning of April 27 will begin with the “Flag Run” which will transport the Shelby County Flag from Sidney Middle School to the center of Hardin.

The Shelby County Flag was designed by former County Commissioner Dale DeLoye in 2003 to commemorate the founding of the state of Ohio.

A number of individuals representing the County’s heritage will take part in relaying the Flag for short distances. Participants and their segments of the flag’s journey which begins at 9 a.m. are as follows:

• Steve Knouff will be the driver for stepgranddaughter Cassidy Carey, who is a seventh-generation descendent of Cephas Carey. They will be traveling from the Sidney Middle School to Mama Rosa’s (west side) – (0.7 miles)

• Doug Allinger and Kathy Pinson, descendants from the Wilson family, will start on the west side of Mama Rosa’s and will travel with the Flag to the W.R. Joslin Farm (0.7 miles)

• Linda and Richard Boyer, descendants from the Lennox and Boyer families, will start at the W.R. Joslin Farm and travel to Stephens Road. (0.6 miles)

• Joseph Renner will represent the Renner Family, long time residents of the Hardin area. He will start at Stephens Road and will travel to Wright Road. (0.7 miles)

• Robert and Helen Wise will represent the Wise family. They are long time residents of the Hardin area, and will travel from Wright Road to Lindsey Road. (0.5 miles)

• Roy and Carol Morelock will represent the Morelock and Renner families. Their families are long time residents of the Hardin area, and they will travel from Lindsey Road to Florida Avenue. (0.6 miles)

• Bruce Michael will represent the Michael family, long time residents of the Hardin area. He will travel from Florida Avenue to Barrett Paving Materials on Hardin Wapak Road (0.6 miles)

• Tyler Roeth, who is representing the youth of Hardin, will start at Barrett Paving Materials and travel to Brookside Cemetery – (0.7 miles)

• John Lenhart, the Sheriff of Shelby County will represent all the Sheriffs who have served Shelby County with integrity and courage. He will take the flag from Brookside Cemetery to central Hardin and place it on the traveling museum’s porch.

The Flag Run will be followed by a day of celebration of the Hardin community.


By Terry Pellman

For the Sidney Daily News