Disabilities Council is accepting new members applications

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Development Disabilities Council (DD Council) is currently recruiting new members.

The DD Council is seeking members for the following categories:

• Individuals with a developmental disability;

• Parent or guardian of a child with a developmental disability;

• A representative from a private non-profit organization serving persons with developmental disabilities.

The Ohio DD Council consists of at least 30 members appointed by the governor. Members are people with developmental disabilities, parents, and guardians of people with developmental disabilities, representatives from concerned state agencies, and nonprofit organizations and local agencies providing services to people with developmental disabilities.

Being a member of the Ohio DD Council not only helps the council achieve its goals, but also helps council members learn how to be stronger advocates and to stay informed about issues that affect people with developmental disabilities.

It is the mission of the Ohio DD Council to create change that improves independence, productivity, and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities and their families in community life. DD Council receives federal funding for innovative advocacy, capacity building and systems change activities. These activities are designed to contribute to a coordinated system of services, supports and other assistance that is centered around and driven by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

To apply, visit the New Member Application page on the Ohio DD Council website at https://ddc.ohio.gov/.

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2019.