Jordan declares candidacy



SIDNEY – Shelby County law enforcement officer Mark Jordan has announced his candidacy for Shelby County sheriff. Jordan will be running on the Republican ticket.

“Mark Jordan is a successful leader with successful outcomes. His philosophy of ‘We Can Do More’ means that he will use his skills to be proactive, improve infrastructure, promote positive employee relations, and repair damaged or broken law enforcement and municipal agency relationships. He exemplifies what a sheriff should be – proactive, forward thinking, and a person of the highest moral integrity,” said Lynn Mitchell, campaign supporter and director of campaign communications.

When asked why he’s announced his candidacy earlier than usual, Jordan said, “Why not! This gives the voters of Shelby County plenty of time to get to know me, and what I stand for. Since the job of protecting the citizens of Shelby County is about people and not politics, I wanted to give everyone the chance to engage with me and share their ideas and visions for a better future.”

Drawing on his experience as a law enforcement professional, Jordan said he’s seeing a growing number of Shelby County citizens feeling frustrated with the current state of public safety. He pledges to develop cooperative efforts between all law enforcement agencies in Shelby County to ensure every citizen is being given the resources they need from a proactive administration.

Jordan announced his candidacy from his hometown of Sidney, Ohio, where he was raised and has always called home. After honorably serving in the Air Force early in his career and being stationed in multiple areas across the globe, Jordan returned to Shelby County to embark on a career full of successes.

Despite the hectic lifestyle of having been a CEO of several companies, Jordan has spent 30 years also serving the public as a police officer and as a deputy sheriff in several jurisdictions including the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

“Crime has no borders,” said Jordan.

His focus is to better serve the county by sharing resources and ideas with all law enforcement agencies in Shelby County to combat dangerous situations.

“By promoting the idea that safe criminal apprehension is the key objective, it is irrelevant which agency makes the arrest. Safety is the job of every law enforcement agency in the county, and as such, they should share one common goal and work together to achieve it,” said Jordan. “By focusing on bridging our radio and communications system, our training standards and cross- training personnel, agencies can all feel connected and are empowered to promote the safety of the entire county as one cohesive unit.

“I am ready for this challenge having spent many years leading organizations larger than the sheriff’s office,” said Jordan.

Jordan’s top priorities for Shelby County are to implement community policing countywide by improving communication through all area law enforcement agencies. His policy will be to develop a new generation of leadership built on public service to enact meaningful citizen accountability and safety. Utilizing his experience as a CEO for profitable technology companies, Jordan vows to be a good steward of county funds, as sheriff’s offices are traditionally the largest consumer of general funds.

With his background in technology, Jordan feels technology has not been used as efficiently as possible to improve the lives of Shelby County citizens. His plans are to introduce or improve on the existing technology to ensure Shelby County is protected against crimes such as mass shootings, identity theft or violent crimes. One such initiative he intends to address is improving infrastructure issues like the county radio system to increase and improve the efficiency of intrajurisdictional communication.

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