Petition to allow marijuana possession in Quincy circulates

QUINCY – The Village of Quincy Council was informed during Tuesday’s meeting that a petition for an ordinance that would allow possession of marijuana in Quincy was circulated in the village.

The necessary signatures have been obtained for the ordinance that would allow the voters in the Village of Quincy to decide if it permissible to have 200 grams or less of marijuana in their possession. If passed, individuals found guilty of possession would be fined nothing for this violation. This petition also has provisions for growing and cultivating without penalty.

During Tuesday’s meeting it was noted that this was not encouraged nor considered by the Village of Quincy Council. This petition bypasses the Village Council and county officials but puts this responsibility in the hands of the voters.

For anyone with questions, the ordinance and petition are available for 10 days for citizen review by those not contacted by the petition carrier.

Also during the meeting, the council was notified that the bill for Luthman Tree Service in the amount of $8,575 for removal of 10 trees on the west side of Miami Street and grinding all stumps has been paid. Tree removal was necessary due to the replacement of the current sidewalk with a 5 foot sidewalk due to the Revitalization Grant through the Logan County commissioners.

Luke Hemmelgarn from Choice One Engineering was present for the meeting to update the village of the grant funding. He informed council that the bidding has started for the Jefferson Street water line replacement as well as the sidewalk replacement project. The bidding has been advertised in the Bellefontaine Examiner and should be opened and awarded soon. When this happens, the projects can begin.

Along with Solicitor Steve Fansler, the village council discussed communication with the Village of De Graff solicitor and plans for the upcoming joint council meeting to start planning for a new or upgraded operating agreement at the Joint Sewer Plant. This meeting will be held at 7 p.m. June 10. at the Quincy Community Building. This meeting is being held with both village councils, administrators, solicitors, fiscal officers and Joint Sewer Plant operators.

After discussion it was decided that the updating at the Finfrock Park being done by the Riverside School track and football teams would dedicate a solid wall facing State Route 235 to the Quincy School colors of orange and black and the rest of the painting would freshen up the current red, white and blue colors currently being used.

An ordinance is in place that all greenery that grows in the streets and alleys in the village needs to be trimmed by property owners or the village can trim them on the street or alley side to make the alley or street open to vehicles.

A discussion of grass over 8 inches, weeds, liter, vehicles without license or unable to move on their own as well as trash was discussed again. Council members are receiving many complaints about properties that are not mowing grass, have junk liter vehicles and allow debris to collect on their properties.

The village has ordinances in place in regard to these violations, and all council members have been challenged to seek out these violations. A clean up day is scheduled for June 8 with dumpsters being brought in at the recycle center to help with clean up. Regular trash will not be permitted, and metal can be disposed of at this time. Mowing grass and junk vehicles are property owners’ responsibility.

The annual yard sale was successful, and several sales were held. However, only three signs were sold, which did not allow for community advertising in the past. New signs were donated but were not sold.

The council also was informed that for the fifth time investment the Bureau of Workers Compensation will be able to refund money to members.

The next meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. June 18 in the Council Chamber. The next Joint Sewer Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. July 8 at the Joint Sewer Plant. The Special Joint Council meeting with the Village of De Graff will be held at 7 p.m. June 10 at the Quincy Community Building.