Versailles seeks oldest, youngest residents

VERSAILLES – As part of the Versailles Bicentennial Celebration, the committee seeks the oldest and youngest residents of Versailles for recognition.

To be eligible individuals must submit their name, address, phone and birthday by Sept. 3. Entrants also must indicate if they were born in Versailles, graduated from Versailles and how many years they have lived in Versailles.

The committee is seeking the oldest and youngest residents as of Aug. 28, which is the 200th anniversary of the day Silas Atchison platted the village in 1819. The length of residency in the Village of Versailles will be a determining factor.

The oldest and youngest residents will each receive $100 gift certificate of Versailles Chamber Dollars and a custom plaque with the Versailles bicentennial logo.

Individuals can submit information via email at or mail to Versailles Bicentennial Committee at 10413 Kley Road, PO Box 92, Versailles, OH 45380.

For questions, email or contact any committee member: Kim Custenborder, Alex Luthman, Todd Dammeyer, Aaron Moran, HB Hole, Deb Pohl or Eric Stachler.