Franklin Township voters approve levies

SIDNEY – Voters in Franklin Township approved a pair of tax levies to benefit fire and emergency services during a special election on Tuesday.

According to unofficial results from the Shelby County Board of Elections, voters approved the first levy, which was a tax renewal. There were 57 votes for the levy, 78.1 percent, and 16 votes against the levy, 21.9 percent.

Voters also approved a tax renewal of 0.2 mill and increase of 0.4 mill. There were 44 votes for the levy, 60.3 percent, and 29 votes against the levy, 39.7 percent. Franklin Township Fiscal Officer Deb Bodenmiller said the increase millage for the second levy is due to rising costs associated with payment to Sidney Fire and Anna Fire departments.

The levies were set to expire at the end of the year. Residents who live in Sidney and Anna in Franklin Township did not vote Tuesday as they already pay property taxes and/or income taxes for either Sidney Fire and EMS or Anna Fire and EMS. The only ones who voted were residents who reside in the township itself outside the Anna village and Sidney city limits.

Of the township’s 1,164 registered voters, 73 voted on Tuesday, a turnout of 6.3 percent.