Carter hosts magistrates

SIDNEY — Gary J. Carter, magistrate of the Shelby County Common Pleas Court, recently welcomed magistrates from other counties in the Third Appellate District to a seminar held in the Shelby County Common Pleas Courtroom.

After having a box lunch, the group of about 15 magistrates was led on a tour of the courthouse and the Municipal Court by local attorney and historian Rich Wallace. The group then attended a three hour seminar in the Common Pleas Courtroom, presented by Third District Court of Appeals Judge William R. Zimmerman and Ottawa County Magistrate Brian Goodell.

Zimmerman spoke about recent decisions by the Third District Court of Appeals and Goodell spoke about admitting electronically stored information into evidence. The seminar and lunch was sponsored by the Ohio Association of Magistrates, and coordinated by Mercer County Magistrate Deb Drexler, with help from Carter.