Samaritan Works establishes Charitable Fund

SIDNEY — Addiction is not new, but the need has increased for places to support recovery. Samaritan Works, a faith-based program for adult men and women provides sober-living homes to help residents change their lifestyles.

A recently created Samaritan Works Fund at the Community Foundation of Shelby County gives the nonprofit organization an opportunity for long term support.

“We have two homes in Sidney, Serenity House for men and Amelia House for women, that host up to six residents each,” said Sheila Lundy, executive director. “Residents make a six-month commitment to enter our recovery program and agree to our structure and rules. After that, they have the option to stay in our homes for up to 18 months or transition to our graduate home, Horizon House, which offers up to two years of living in an apartment with more independence.”

Samaritan Works also helps residents with mental health issues, financial planning, job stability, rebuilding family relationships and finding new friendships and support. They can process through recovery with the 12-Step program, through Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, or Celebrate Recovery fellowships.

“Those who help fund our organization help our residents become successful, contributing citizens who fill job openings and have more healthy relationships as they strive to make whole life changes,” said Lundy. “Every person that comes through our doors and makes the effort to work a good recovery program is one less person who is actively engaging in alcohol and drug activities. They are also less likely to influence someone else to participate in alcohol and drug use, but more likely to encourage others to seek recovery.”

To give to the Samaritan Works Fund, make checks payable to the Community Foundation of Shelby County and note on the memo line: Samaritan Works. Gifts may be mailed to the Community Foundation office at 100 S Main Ave, Suite 202, Sidney. Credit card gifts possible through the Community Foundation website at and clicking the Donate button at the top of the page.