Village to address storm water infiltration problems

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman - For the Sidney Daily News

NEW BREMEN – The consequences of storm water infiltration was one topic of conversation at the New Bremen Village Council Monday night meeting. Also discussed was the acquisition of canal land.

Village Administrator Chris Dicke reported to council that the village will begin addressing problems with storm water infiltration into the sanitary sewers.

“The problem is that the excess water is flooding the (sanitary treatment) lagoon and getting us out of compliance,” said Dicke.

She said if it continues, the EPA may declare the treatment plant inadequate and mandate building a new multi-million dollar plant. Dicke added that the problem often seems to be mostly on the west side of town and that it could be sump pumps or gutters are feeding into the sanitary sewer.

A discussion followed as to how the village could locate these storm water inputs. Dicke said the plan would be to install yard drains. She added that if homeowners know that storm water from their property is draining in the sanitary sewer, they should let the Village know. She said the Village can possibly get a cheaper deal if a group goes together to get those problems addressed.

Dicke said a number of other projects were coming up. She said a project to add traffic signals at state Route 66 and Main Street and at state Route 66 and state Route 274 will go out for bids next week. Expected next week were bids on demolition of the Vorhees house to make way for the new electrical substation west of town near Herman Street. In regard to the Ash St/Franklin St. upgrade project, she said the project will include sanitary and storm water sewers.

Mayor Jeff Pape said the village would request that the state of Ohio grant them the land along the Miami Erie Canal from Spring Creek to Lock Two road. The Mayor said ODNR official Brian Mitchell assured him that acquisition of the land would be a plus for getting a capital improvements grant being sought by the village. Pape said the area would need to be surveyed and discussion done with farmers who may claim some of this land for their own.

In other action, council voted to save money on the construction of the new electrical substation by rescinding north substation ordinance accepting a $75,000 Pepco bid for four vacuum reclosers and accepting a bid of $57,872 bid from Eaton Supplies. The decision was made when it was discovered that the Pepco bid had a number of duplications already provided by the Control Center unit.

A new aeration unit to improve the function of the current sanitary sewer treatment lagoon will be purchased now that Council approved a $282,456 bid for the unit.

In relation to the recent Bremenfest event, Pape said that the Bremenfest committee is in urgent need of volunteers, especially men, to help set up the event next year. Information to volunteer can be found on the Bremenfest webpage.

Councilman Dennis Burnell thanked the contributors who made the Bremenfest Fishing Derby successful. He said those organizations donating equipment included Pro Bass Bait and Tackle, Fort Loramie Bait and Tackle, Topsy Turvey Toys, and New Bremen’s Wagner’s IGA. The FOP donated $500.

In other action, Council approved a third reading of an ordinance levying assessments for the Front Street/Eastmoor Drive reconstruction project. A third reading of a resolution approved the three year Maharg refuse contract which begins Sept. 1. Second readings were approved for ordinances to amend appropriations for the EMS Levy Fund and to petition German Township trustees for a small piece of land on the Vorhees property not within New Bremen village limits.

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.