10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls calls on communities to walk a mile

COLUMBUS — Monday, Sept. 23, is National Falls Prevention Awareness Day. The Ohio Department of Aging is marking the day with its fifth annual 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls.

The campaign, sponsored by the department’s STEADY U Ohio falls prevention initiative, recruits community partners to organize and host walking groups and events. Participants will contribute toward a statewide goal of having at least 4,000 people walk a mile each in the name of falls prevention.

“Your participation in 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls can make a big difference in the lives of older adults in your community,” Ursel J. McElroy, director of the department, said. “You can help us raise awareness that falls are not inevitable as we age. Healthy habits, like regular physical activity, coupled with changes to your home and conversations with your health care providers, can significantly reduce your risk.”

Visit www.aging.ohio.gov/steadyu/10MillionSteps for a complete list of walking events and groups throughout the month. If you don’t see an event near your community, consider organizing your own and register to add it to the list. The Department of Aging will announce the results of 10 Million Steps to Prevent Falls in early October.

Visit www.steadyu.ohio.gov for older adult falls prevention tips and resources.