Jackson Center puts positive outlook on state report card

JACKSON CENTER – The Jackson Center Board of Education discussed the Ohio Department of Education’s 2018-19 Ohio School Report Cards during its meeting Monday and concluded the school was in position to receive a more favorable grade.

Superintendent Bill Reichert and High School Principal Jeff Reese discussed the results of the report cards in which Jackson Center Schools received an overall grade of C. But when looking at the breakdown of the six categories scored, they thought it was reasonable to assume the district’s score could have been a B.

Additionally, the board discussed the narrow margin between such grades when dealing with such a small population. An example was provided, estimating a difference in 10 kids passing would push the performance index score over 100 and would be close to one of the top 50 scores in the state.

The board is open to ongoing discussions on ideas, including potential investments, in order to continue improving.

The Board of Education also continued its past discussion on school safety, and Reichert shared the results of a survey taken of staff members looking for recommendations on how to improve. Some of the suggestions already are being acted on while others will be evaluated for potential implementation.

Additionally, the board discussed a number of potential capital improvement projects that need addressed in the coming years. These include a new bus barn and storage, completion of the track, removal and replacement of lockers in the 2003 addition and replacement of the roof on the 1965 west wing. In addition, a new mower, vans and a new bus are likely needed within this same time period. This discussion, along with a potential weighting of the priority of each project, will be ongoing.

During the financial report, the board learned income tax receipts were lower compared to the same quarters in 2017 and 2018 and will be monitored.

Health insurance rates will be discussed at an upcoming meeting in early October, and another double-digit increase is expected, mainly as a result of high claims.

Also, estimates for state funding are out, but details have yet to be released. Estimates provide a modest increase for Jackson Center but might be accompanied by additional expectations on how funding is used.

As a result of the official closing of the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission building project, Kristine Mullenhour motioned and Brad Wren seconded a motion to approve the transfer of funds from the 010 Ohio Schools Facilities Commission building fund to the 003 and 004 accounts in the approximate amounts of $130,937 and $7,917, respectively. The motion carried by a 5-0 vote.

The Board of Education entered into executive session to discuss the employment of public employees. After a 25 minute discussion, the board approved Kennadie Reese as a volunteer junior high girls basketball coach by a 5-0 vote.

The Jackson Center Board of Education’s next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 21.