Quincy Village Council commits $3,800 to fix storm drainage

QUINCY – The Quincy Village Council worked to alleviate a storm drain issue, increased the pay of the village administrator and heard updates on projects in the village during its Oct. 1 meeting.

Council agreed to commit $3,800 to tie into a storm sewer project with Davidson Farms to alleviate a storm drain issue at the bulk propane station and residences on the middle area and south end areas in the village. Pullins Drainage & Excavating, LLC is doing the work on this project.

The council passed the second reading of an ordinance to increase the salary of the village administrator $5,000 due to an increase of work duty and to bring the administrator salary in line with other administrators in the area.

The council still is in search of a Class II joint sewer plant operator. Several candidates have been interviewed. Ray West has been hired to run the plant and sign paperwork at this time on a 20-hour per week, part-time basis. Both Quincy and DeGraff have agreed to this temporary employment.

A list of delinquent utility users was reviewed and certified for immediate shut off in the village.

The Logan County Engineer’s Office has completed an asphalt project from a grant received by the county. This project has a couple of areas that are being reviewed due to the height of the street and the thickness of the asphalt. It was reported the areas of asphalt look very good and will help maintain the condition of village streets.

The No. 3 well has been cleaned and a new pump installed and will soon be back on line.

The revitalization grant work is nearing completion. Playground equipment has been received, sidewalks are in place, storm sewer drainage is being worked on, and the basketball court is complete. The Jefferson Street line is nearing completion, also.

Quincy received a check for $397 from the Logan County Solid Waste District for a portion of the community recycling incentive program. The Quincy Recycling Center collected 79.40 tons of recycling at $5 per ton.

The village is discussing what can be done with a quack grass issue on the ball diamonds at Finfrock Park.

Updates to a zoning ordinance regarding house trailers and the age and condition of a trailer being brought in are being reviewed.

Council was informed of the Oct. 2 Logan-Union-Champaign Regional Planning Commission Meeting in East Liberty.

The council noted that vacant seats will be available after the November election to start at the beginning of 2020. Individuals must be a Quincy resident for one year and be a registered voter to be a member of council.