Anti-human trafficking group rallies combat slavery

SIDNEY — Tens of thousands of people will gather all over the world for fundraising and awareness event called #WalkForFreedom on Oct, 19, 2019. Walks will take place in hundreds of cities across dozens of nations.

The Tri County Chapter of Northwest Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition will be participating in Walk For Freedom by hosting a walk in Sidney at 11 a.m. on the courtsquare in downtown Sidney. Participants in Sidney will hear a Human Trafficking 101 presentation followed by a walk around the square for 30 minutes. Register at or calling 937-726-9571.

The event is operated by an anti-human trafficking organization, A21. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about millions of men, women, and children who are still trapped in slavery today. By fundraising and rallying thousands of people around the cause, the belief is that this event will be the catalyst for the rescue and restoration of human beings who are being exploited.

Walk For Freedom is distinctly recognized by its participants who will be wearing black shirts and walking single-file lines all over the world-in local towns, through busy intersections in city centers, on dirt tracks in crowded villages, along bridges, tunnels, and water banks. Hundreds of local walks will be seen marching for a global end to modern day slavery.

A21 is a global non-profit organization determined to eradicate human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Currently operating in 13 countries, A21 aims to combat modern-day slavery through multi-dimensional operational strategy: reach, Rescue, Restore. Through partnerships and the efforts of supporters all over the globe, A21 truly believes that a multitude of victims can be identified and assisted, and perpetrators can be brought to justice.

• Millions of slaves

• A $150 billion industry

• 1 percent ever rescued

More information about walk For Freedom and A21 can be found on its website, A21:org and