Kettlersville Village Council gets update on collapsed roof

KETTLERSVILLE – The Kettlersville Village Council learned during its Oct. 1 meeting that the old general store property owner has cleaned up the damage caused by a collapsed roof.

Mayor Eric Kaminsky reported that he contacted the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department and Shelby County Land Bank, but neither was able to provide any assistance with the property. Letters also were sent to state representatives and a state senator, but no reply was received prior to the meeting.

The council learned the storm drain repairs on state Route 274 are complete, and council authorized the mayor to contact Asphalt Systems to get quote for sealing new pavement around drains. The mayor will repaint curbing.

Repairs also were completed on the overhead door to the rear truck bay.

The village received $5 permissive license fee funds to cover expense for signs replaced by county engineer’s office.

A claim to replace a 35 mph sign on the east end of the village has been approved. A contractor was contacted to schedule work.

Letters have been sent to residents regarding tree and brush removal.

Council voted to rescind permission granted at its August meeting to have a car cover placed over an inoperable vehicle at the Well Association building because no action has been taken by the vehicle owner. A letter will be sent to Well Association.

Kaminsky shared a response from the village solicitor regarding damage to North Street pavement. The mayor will draft a letter for review and obtain a quote to repair the damage.

Following up on a resident’s concern from the September meeting, Kaminsky presented an ordinance on placement of trash and recycling containers before and after pick-up dates. The first reading of the ordinance was made.

In new business, council approved the mayor to contact New Bremen to have streets swept.

Kaminsky said shrubs in the fence surrounding the courts at the village park had been trimmed. Other clean up work still needs to to done, and picnic tables will need to be brought in for the winter.