Trustees begin process to cleanup township

SIDNEY — Washington Township Trustees met Sept. 16, with all trustees and Clerk Glenda Stangel present. Also present were Gary Vondenhuevel, zoning enforcement officer. Chairman of the Zoning Board of Commission Scott Meiring and Beechwood Cemetery groundskeeper John Hammer.

Regular business and transactions took place with trustee approval: minutes read, and financial report. It was noted the Lockington Volunteer Fire Department was paid $33,876.47 in September. The total amount disbursed to the fire department for the year is $82,250. The funds are generated through the 2.5 mill tax levies.

two roads in Washington Township were resurfaced. Kuther Road from Fair Road south to the Miami River was completed for $137,009.50, of which $103,350 was township revenue and $22,656.50 was Issue 1 revenue from the state of Ohio. The project was awarded to Barrett Paving Material through a countywide project.

Lindsey Road, from Millcreek Road north to the railroad crossing project, was granted to Wagner Paving Inc. at a cost of $19,765, Berming the road will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Chairman Randy Schwable and trustees Doug Stangel and Richard Feight, along with Vondenhuevel, have been patrolling the township for the past several months. This included Arrowhead Subdivision. They were looking for various problems, which includes junk vehicles and junk, which has been an ongoing problem for several years.

They all documented areas of concern for junk vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, high grass and weeds, piles of trash and garbage and junk surrounding properties. All trustees instructed Vondenhuevel to contact the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to assist the process of starting township cleanup.

Trustees agreed to place a sign at each intersection into Arrowhead Subdivision regarding new driveways, upgrading driveways and any turn-a-rounds or parking areas on the resident’s property. The signs were placed at the intersection of Red Feather/Schenk Road, Comanche/Lindsey and Little Turtle Way/Lindsey.

The trustees passed a resolution in September 2019that stats due to the high cost of cleaning the sewer lines each time there is a heavy rain or a number of days of rain causing the gravel to enter the sewer lines, all new driveways, upgrades of driveways, parking areas and turn-a-rounds must be either concrete or asphalt (paving materials).

Feight reported he and Hammer had poured another foundation at Beechwood Cemetery and has one more to pour. Cemetery lots are for sale at a pair for $899. anyone interested in purchasing lots should contact Feight at 837-418-3004.

Trustees will be doing ditch mowing.

The next meeting will be held Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. at the township hall.