JC Council approves enhancement project

Staff report

JACKSON CENTER — The Jackson Center Village Council met Feb. 22 to adopt several ordinances and resolutions.

They council adopted an ordinance regarding the enhancement to the village, on Main Street from the North to South Corporation Limits, to create a safer environment for children by installing street lighting, eliminating obstructions and enhancing the view for drivers and pedestrians. By adopting this ordinance the village gives their consent and cooperation to the director of transportation to complete the enhancement project. This ordinance also gives the village administrator the authority to act on the behalf of the village and in cooperation with the director of transportation. This project will begin in July 2018.

The council adopted several ordinances involving the 2016 Edition of the Model Ohio Municipal Codes as published by American Legal Publishing Corporation. The first involved administration code, the second, traffic code, and the third, general offenses code. This will bring the village into conformity with state law as it has been revised through Sept. 15, 2015. The council adopts new matter each year.

They also passed a resolution to purchase a street sweeper. The resolution will authorize the village administrator to enter into a purchase agreement with Lacal Equipment to purchase a used 2007 Elgin Pelican NP Street Sweeper in the amount of $78,500. This will replace the current sweeper in the village fleet. Village Administrator Bruce Metz stated that the streets in the village all have curb and gutter which enables the storm waters to get away to the Jackson Center ditch. The street sweeper enables us to pick up the grit, leaves, small sticks and other debri so that they don’t clog up the system and cause storm water to back up. They try to sweep the streets once a month and usually end up hauling approximately five cubit yards of trash and garbage off the streets every time they sweep.

Community Action Center Shelby County Manager Lynda Lukey was present to ask for council’s endorsement of the Community Action Organization of Delaware, Madison and Union Counties, to be designated to provide Community Action services in Shelby County. In 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act incorporated Community Action Agencies, locally controlled private nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to reduce poverty and to help low-income people become self-sufficient. Community Action Agencies in Ohio serve all 88 counties housing income eligible Ohioans toward greater self-sufficiency.

Ohio’s Community Action Agency Network provides a broad base of programs and services tied to a formal assessment of needs in their service territories. The council voted to endorse the center’s providing of community action services in Shelby County.

Council Member Larry Wahrer reported the January 2016 monthly financial report. He said that the month of January was a good month with the month to date revenue exceeding the month to date expenses by just under $38,000. Wahrer reported the Income tax revenue for the month of January was $78,145 which is nearly $26,000 more than last January. Wahrer reported the year is off to a good start. The council approved the financial report.

The next council meeting will be March 14, 2016, at 7 p.m.

Staff report