Two vie for Clinton Township fiscal officer seat

By Melanie Speicher -

Amy Moloney Klinger, left, and Sally Wood are seeking the Clinton township fiscal officer position on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot.

SIDNEY — Two newcomcers are running for the Clinton Township fiscal officer position.

Amy Moloney Klinger, and Sally Wood will appear on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot.

Klinger, 1260 Erie Court, Sidney, is a graduate of Lehman Catholic High School. She has 30 years of service with the Ohio Lottery Commission, sales representative and charitable gaming site inspector, until her retirement. She has also held management and bookkeeping positions at several local businesses.

She is married to Steven Klinger.

Wood, 1806 RiversideDrive, is an administrative cleerk. She holds an associate degree of applied science with an emphasis on finance and accounting.

She and her husband, Dave, have two sons, Shawn and grandson, Dean; and Josh, Alisha and granddaughteer, Kayley.

Why are you running for fiscal officer?

Klinger: I am running for Clinton Township fiscal officer to serve the community that I have resided in all of my life. I would like to dedicate my time and focus on improving the community through the position of the Clinton Township fiscal officer.

Wood: As chairman of the Clinton Township Zoning Commission I’ve had the pleasure of working with the trustees and zoning officer for Clinton Township. This position would allow me to take a more active role in serving Clinton Township and the residents.

Why do you feel you’re the best candidate to serve as fiscal officer?

Wood: My 22 years of experience in county government has given me hands on experience and knowledge to perform the functions of fiscal officer. Thirteen of those years I was the Shelby County Recycling Center Coordinator working directly for the Shelby County Commissioners. The financial responsibilities of running a county department parallel the responsibilities of a township fiscal officer. The Recycling Center serviced all of Shelby County and required me to have good working relationships with townships, villages and the city of Sidney to make sure the needs of the residents were met.

Klinger: I will be a good steward of Clinton Township finances and able to assure that the township operates within guidelines. My record of accomplishment with the Ohio Lottery Commission has proven me trustworthy and dedicated. I also have experience working with others through my role with the Shelby County Regional Planning Commission as member and secretary. My 30 years in public service has prepared me to further service the community as Clinton Township fiscal officer.

What do you see as the financial needs for the township?

Klinger: I think the main financial needs of the township are fire and safety protection, having safe roadways during all seasons, equipment and facility maintenance/replacement and having a high-quality staff.

Wood: Clinton Township has two renewal tax levies, both containing a small increase, on the ballot. These levy dollars are for the cost of contracting with the City of Sidney to provide Clinton Township residents, (excluding city of Sidney) with fire, ambulance and EMS services. With the State reduction in Local Government Funds and the elimination of the Death Tax, Clinton Township saw their income reduced considerably. The State Motor Fuel Tax increase will provide the township with some additional funds. Providing the same levels of service when the funding continues to be reduced is always a challenge and requires prioritizing projects based on need.

How can you assist the trustees to make the best decisions for the township?

Wood: I can assist the trustees by making sure they have current and accurate financial reports on a monthly basis. For planning purposes, I will provide them with projected revenues and expenses so they will have a sound financial working budget to conduct township business. It will be necessary for me stay informed on state kegislation that may affect the trustees and the operations of running Clinton Township.

Klinger: I can assist the trustees by providing them with accurate and timely information so that they have all the tools necessary for sound decision-making.

How can you improve communicaation with township residents?

Klinger: There are many ways to improve communication such as using social media, newsletters and being accessible and available for face-to-face interaction. Taking accurate and informative minutes of all meetings is an integral part of this process.

Wood: The township currently meets the first and third Tuesday of every month. All township residents, including vity of Sidney residents, are always welcome. My attendance at those meetings would give me the opportunity to meet, listen to their concerns, be involved and answer any questions those residents may have. Any requested information would be delivered in a timely manner. Residents can always call the township office with any questions or concerns.

In conclusion:

Wood: It would be my honor to serve the residents of Clinton Township as your next Fiscal Officer. I promise to bring the same commitment, dedication and loyalty to this office that I have given to Shelby County.

Klinger: I would be honored to serve as your next Clinton Township Fiscal Officer and pledge my trustworthiness and dedication.

Amy Moloney Klinger, left, and Sally Wood are seeking the Clinton township fiscal officer position on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot. Moloney Klinger, left, and Sally Wood are seeking the Clinton township fiscal officer position on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot.

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.