Anna Village Council discusses sidewalks

ANNA – Village of Anna officials answered questions about the village’s sidewalk program during the council meeting on Oct. 8.

Wayne Johnson asked when letters were going out to notify residents in the program and how far around the corners the sidewalk will go.

Administrator Mike Homan said the final layout has not yet been confirmed, and there will be sidewalks wherever there are streets. The streets involved will be laid out for the next meeting.

Johnson also asked about the drainage issues and how the sidewalks will affect that. Homan said the engineer will look at any obstacles and recommend the best way to proceed. There was other discussion on the sidewalk program.

Also during the meeting, council heard the first reading of an ordinance enacting and adopting a supplement to the Code of Ordinances for the village.

Council held the first reading of a resolution rescheduling the Dec. 24 council meeting for Dec. 23 and authorizing the fiscal officer to pay bills through the end of the fiscal year.

During his report, Mayor Mark Pulfer reported he will attend the required refresher training course for Mayor’s Court on Oct. 25 in Columbus. Police stats are available for review, he said.

Homan reported the dog park repairs have been completed by another contractor.

PAB Construction has completed the sidewalks for the village contract. It has some cold-patch yet to do before payment.

The water tower cleaning has been completed. A voluntary assessment will be requested for property maintenance at 302 N. Pike St. for the village to either make the repairs or tear it down.

Property maintenance violations for 204/206 S. Pike St. were filed in court. A different attorney was needed for this property, due to a conflict of interest between Anna’s village solicitor and the owner.

Council member Angela Wildermuth inquired about no parking on a section of Meadowview, due to impaired sight-lines. Safety will address this topic at the next safety meeting.

Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer reported the village received a $14,723.28 refund check from the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. This is the village’s share of the $1.5 billion rebate the BWC is refunding. Currently, two of Anna’s three tasks have been completed to give the village a 3 percent BWC premium reduction. A third task will be completed soon.

Fire Chief Tim Bender reported that he attended an appreciation event for first responders at Lehman Catholic High School on Sept. 30. The event was organized and presented well, he said.

Fire department members attended an extrication class, Bender said, and everything went well. They also went to Calvary United Baptist Church for Old Fashion Days and fire safety. Evacuation drills were scheduled at the schools.

During finance and personnel reports, the administrator and fiscal officer positions were discussed. Possible wage increases will be looked at for the mayor and council. A printout of other area mayor and council rates was provided.

Employee evaluations were reviewed, and raises will be evaluated at the next finance and personnel meeting. The budget for 2020 temporary appropriations is nearing completion. The next meeting is at 6 p.m. Nov. 12.

Safety and refuse will meet at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 5.

There were seven people at the meeting to represent the pickleball players. Topics discussed were adding another court and looking into a grant for funding. Homan will look into a two-hour timer for the lights. They also will look into rotating the lights on the poles to have better light coverage on the courts.

A proposed wine and beer tasting event in August, September and October is in the early planning stage.

Santa Claus will visit the Anna Library from noon-3 p.m. Dec. 14. Financial reports and upcoming maintenance was reviewed at the latest library meeting.

In old business, the final document for the annexation of ground on the south side of town has been signed and will continue to move forward. Village promotion, once the annexation is final, was discussed.

The sidewalks at 308 N. Pike St. will be poured, according to the owner. His driveway will still need to be poured according to zoning regulations for new drives, and asphalt is a consideration.

A letter was sent to the health department notifying the department that the water has been off at 302 N. Pike St. since February and someone has been living there. The property maintenance is still an issue.

Homan is preparing information for a proposed waterway near the Anna Truck Stop. A meeting will be set up at a later date.

The administrator, fiscal officer and public works superintendent positions were discussed. Homan continues to train Public Works Superintendent Lindsey Alexander, and Meyer will continue to help Homan with administrator duties.

Compensation and full-time status will remain as current. At this point, the temporary arraignment will continue, and there will be a reevaluation of the situation in January. Homan will begin to spend more time at the town hall.

In new business, Police Chief Scott Evans presented three quotes for a new in-car camera system. The Watch Guard camera system is quoted at $4,820 and is the low quote. Council agreed to the purchase.

Invoices totaling $20,051.21 were presented for payment and approved.

Mayor Pulfer will not be at the next council meeting. The president of council, Gary Strasser, will hold the meeting.

The Anna Village Council conducts meetings every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall. Meetings are open to the public.