Jackson Center schedules planned power outage

JACKSON CENTER – The Village of Jackson Center will conduct a planned power outage so it can tie in the transmission line to the new Jerry Drive substation.

This is needed to feed the 69,000 volts to the new substation.

The planned outage will be at 7 a.m. Nov. 2. Crews will switch the village’s electric load from the substation to the generator while work is being performed on the transmission line. This work is expected to last 12 hours.

If everyone reduces their electrical usage, it should be possible to supply the whole village with power during the work period. If the electrical load exceeds the generator output, officials will have to supply power to just a portion of the village for a few hours and then switch to another section and continue doing this for the duration of the work period.

There will be two outages that occur with the planned outage, and they should not last more than 15 minutes as workers switch from the substation to the generator and then from the generator back to the substation.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the Village Office at 596-6314.