Couple donates truck to Jackson Center Local Schools

JACKSON CENTER – Jackson Center Local Schools’ Board of Education approved the acceptance of a donated truck from Kim and Bruce Metz during the board’s Oct. 21 meeting.

The board thanked the couple for their generosity in donating the 1995 Ford F250, which will be used within the maintenance department.

Jackson Center’s Board of Education also authorized the Southwestern Ohio Purchasing Council to advertise and receive bids on behalf of the board for the purpose of purchasing one or more buses and/or vans.

The Board of Education approved the activity account purpose and budget request of the student council for homecoming.

An overnight trip by the FFA to the national convention Oct. 30-Nov. 1 in Indianapolis, Indiana, was approved. The group will travel with Hardin-Houston and Covington.

The board approved early graduation for Christina Michael pending completion of all requirements.

The board approved amending the athletic handbook to align junior high and high school athletic contest worker pay as well as a few other areas.

The Board of Education approved updates to the board policy manual, per Ohio School Boards Association or administrative suggestion, to the following policies:

• BJA – Liaison with school boards associations

• DECA – Administration of federal grant funds

• EEA – Student transportation services

• EEAA – Eligibility zones for pupil transportation

• EFG – Student wellness program

• EHB – Use of electronic signatures

• GBCB – Staff conduct

• GBK – Smoking on district property by staff members

• IGBE – Remedial instruction

• IKF – Graduation requirements

• JFCG – Tobacco use by students

• JED – Student absences and excuses

• JEDA – Truancy

• JEE – Student attendance accounting

• JEFB – Released time for religious instruction

• JFCK – Use of electronic communications equipment by students

• JGD – Student suspension

• JGE – Student expulsion

• JHG – Reporting child abuse and mandatory training

• JHH – Notification about sex offenders

• KGB – Public conduct on district property

• KGC – Smoking on district property

• KJA – Distribution of materials in the schools

During the Financial/Treasurer Report, the board discussed health insurance rates as estimates for the Jan. 1 increase are very high. The consortium experienced an abnormally high year of claims and will evaluate data and look at all aspects of the existing plans to try and mitigate this trend.

Treasurer Tony Meyer presented the five-year forecast, which is to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, and it was approved.

The board approved the transfer of funds within the 007, 019 and 200 funds to the general fund.

Jackson Center’s board approved adding a 403(b) feature and a Roth 403(b) tax deferred annuity within the current plan document. Both plans provide additional flexibility and options for staff and can be direct deducted from their pay.

During his report, High School Principal Jeff Reese provided updates on the success of a recent assembly at Jackson Center for which there were three sessions attended by six of the seven county schools. Feedback from students and others schools was very positive, he said. The cost of the speaker was split between the six schools.

The BUILD mentoring program is continuing with a positive impact, Reese said. Plans continue in preparation for upcoming graduation requirements to be implemented by the Ohio Department of Education for the 2023 graduating class.

Superintendent Bill Reichert reminded the board of the school’s long-standing requirement of 22 credits to graduate compared to the state requirement of 20. He also explained the differences in the requirement of a personal finance curriculum versus a personal finance class.

Plans are being made to look into the pricing and possible purchase of a new bus and/or van in the coming year.

Lastly, the board continued its past discussion on school safety, and Reichert confirmed that discussions, planning and continuous evaluation of changing needs continues.

The next meeting of Jackson Center Local Schools’ Board of Education will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 18.