Levies approved by voters

SIDNEY — All tax levies in the township were approved by voters, along with the Anna Local School District tax renewal and a new tax levy for Upper Valley Career Center during Tuesday’s General Election.

Levies approved include:

Clinton Township – fire: for the levy, 141; against the levy, 99

Clinton Township – Ambulance & EMS: for the levy, 157; against the levy, 84

Dinsmore Township Tax Levy: for the levy: 199; against the levy, 144

Jackson Township – Ambulance & EMS: for the levy, 371; against the levy, 203

Jackson Township – Fire: for the levy, 181l against the levy, 90

Orange Township – Ambulance & EMS: for the levy, 258; against the levy, 155

Perry Township – Fire: for the levy, 162; against the levy, 58

Anna Local School District: for the levy, 827; against the levy, 395

Upper Valley Career Center: for the levy, 5,099; against the levy, 4,806

Houston Joint Ambulance District: for the levy, 645; against the levy, 186

Lockington Village – Parks and Recreation, for the levy, 11l against the levy, 7

Complimentary votes received in uncontested races include:

City of Sidney at-large council members: Mike Barhorst, 2,230, Seven Klinger, 1,665, and Jennifer VanMatre, 2,003

Village of Anna mayor, Mark Pulfer, 216

Anna Village Council, Laura Lentz Fogt, 207. No valid petition filed for second seat.

Village of Botkins mayor, Steven Woodruff, 226

Botkins Village Council, James Buehler, 178, and Lucas Greve, 189

Village of Fort Loramie mayor, Randal Ahlers, 412

Fort Loramie Village Council, Matthew Hoying, 412. No valid petition filed for second seat.

Village of Jackson Center mayor, Scott Klopfenstein, 257

Village of Kettlersville mayor, Eric Kaminsky, 37

Kettlersville Village Council, no valid petitions filed for either seat

Village of Lockington mayor, Tracy Johnson, 11

Lockington Village Council,Paula Johnson, 19, Nancy Ritter, 15

Village of Port Jefferson mayor, Stephen Butterfield, 39

Port Jefferson Village Council, no valid petitions filed for either seat

Russia Village Council, no valid petition filed for either seat

Cynthian Township fiscal officer, Jennifer Frilling, 451

Dinsmore Township trustee, Ted Zimpfer, 651

Dinsmore Township fiscal officer, no valid petition filed

Franklin Township trustee, no valid petition filed

Franklin Township fiscal officer, Debora Lynn Bodenmiller, 597

Green Township trustee, Keith Gump, 206

Green Township fiscal officer, Mack Knupp, 217

Jackson Township fiscal officer, Diane Frank, 485

Loramie Township trustee, Brenda Goubeaux, 75

Loramie Township fiscal officer, Bonnie Paulus, 484

McLean Township trustee, Craig Bergman, 705

McLean Township fiscal officer, Lori Bornhorst, 716

Orange Township fiscal officer, Eric Voress, 339

Perry Township trustee, Matthew Barhorst, 167

Perry Township trustee, unexpired term, Scott Heath, 178

Perry Township fiscal officer, Sally Keener, 185

Salem Township trustee, Daniel Knoop, 428

Salem Township fiscal officer, Catherine Platfoot, 410

Turtle Creek Township trustee, unexpired term, J. Andrew Freytag, 337

Turtle Creek Township fiscal officer, Karen Pleiman, 351

Van Buren Township trustee, Alan Luthman, 417

Van Buren Township fiscal officer, Joan Buehler, 409

Washington Township trustee, Douglas Stangle, 274

Washington Township fiscal officer, Glenda Stangel, 33

Auglaize County Educational Service Center, David Shephard, 136, no valid petitions filed for the other two seats

Anna Local Schools Board of Education, Michelle Brunson, 909, and Adam Reiss, 781

Botkins Local Schools Board of Education, Mark Goubeaux, 372, and Chris Monnin, 28

Fairlawn Local Schools, unexpired term, Hope Abke, 404

Hardin-Houston Local School, Brian Helman, 503, and Jason Shaffer, 580

Jackson Center Local Schools, Kristen Davis, 399, Matt Kohler, 364, and Brad Wren, 378

Minster Local School, Ted Oldiges, 60, Katrina Nixon, 87

Minster Local School, unexpired term, Richard Bruns, 58, and Sandra Schulze, 48

New Bremen Local School, Scott Bertke, 13, and Cory Suchland, 13

New Knoxville Local School, Michelle Neuman, 46, and Brian Hoge, 42

Riverside Local School, Bradley Adams, 3

Russia Local School, Douglas Hoying, 317, and Jeffery Prenger, 316

Versailles Exempted Schools, Hope Batty, 1, and Jacob Berning, 2