Trustees adopt junk vehicle resolution

SIDNEY — The Washington Township Trustees met in an open-regular session, Oct. 21, 2019, at 7 p.m. All trustees and fiscal officer were present; along with two guests, Gary Vondenhuevel, Zoning Enforcement Officer, and Wyatt Mohler.

Trustees approved payment of invoices and payroll; totaling $33,292.33.

Vondenhuevel reported he met with Assistant Prosecutor Attorney Eric Ambros regarding the township’s junk vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, junk and trash/garage piles. After further discussion, all trustees agreed to put in place a policy regarding this matter to prevent home owners and/or renters to create a possible health hazard, eye sores and accumulation of inoperable vehicles, junk and trash/garbage on their property.

The trustees adopted a resolution in a Washington Township’s policy addressing the junk vehicles in the township. The resolution will be effective Nov. 21.

Trustee Rick Feight reported he still has two foundations to pour. Feight reported Ticon Paving, Inc. did a really good job on laying down a sealant on the drive through Beechwood Cemetery.

The curb on Little Turtle Way, near Red Feather will be repaired. Two proposals were received – Larger’s at $800 and Bates/Herrick’s at $1,000. All Trustees agreed to award Larger the project. Lindsey Road now has been bermed by Wagner Paving, Inc. Schenk Road: Shelby County Engineer’s office will be coming out to access the damage and give the trustees suggestion on what must be done to repaid Schenk Road.

All trustees agreed to go with OTARMA’s “employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty” policy. The trustees are already bonded through OTARMA.

Glenda Stangel reported that the State of Ohio once again rejected the resolutions submitted by Cynthian Township, Turtle Creek Township and the Loramie Joint Rescue Services for the Houston Joint Ambulance District: A special meeting was held on Nov. 13, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. at the Houston Rescue Services building.