Planning Commission OKs 3 requests, tables 1

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — Three requests presented to the city of Sidney’s Planning Commission were approved during its Monday meeting, but a third rezoning request was tabled.

The tabled request of Kenjoh Outdoor, on behalf of Wilson Health, was for the rezoning of the property at the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and Court Street. The request is to change the zoning from R-1, single family residence district, to I-2, general industrial district. Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth said the property is currently undeveloped, and was, until recently, believed to be a state of Ohio right-of-way for state Route 47.

A public hearing was scheduled for the rezoning, but the request was tabled and rescheduled because neighboring property owners did not receive notice of the meeting. The issue will reappear at the Planning Commission’s December meeting after neighbors are notified.

The second public hearing on Monday’s agenda was held while commission members considered the request of Chris North, on behalf of Shelby County Veterans Services, for the rezoning of two properties located east and west of West Avenue, north of South Street. Other than North, no other member of the public spoke to the commission.

Dulworth said the request is to change the zoning from R-3, multi-family residence district, to B-5, court square business district. The property on the east side of West Avenue is a parking facility for Job and Family Services. The property to the west is a undeveloped lot on which the previous structure was demolished about 10 years ago for the approval of a lot split and replat to transfer of ownership of 0.350 acres at the rear of the property to the adjacent property owner. The property is on the west side of Vandemark Road, south of Russell Road. She noted rezoning the parcel of land would prevent spot zoning, in order to approve the rezoning of the property Veterans Services is interested in.

North told the commission he would greatly appreciate any support to approve the request. Currently Shelby County Veterans Services have no place to store its three vehicles, which transports disabled veterans to the VA Medical Center. Approving the rezoning would allow the organization to purchase the property in question at a “very reasonable price” that is within budget and for vehicles to be located close the office. He noted having the vehicles close by, and stored inside, will help the organization keep them longer and also to pay staff less so they don’t need to arrive as early to warm-up vehicles.

Also approved was the request of Britt Havenar, on behalf of Darrell and Diane Bender, for a replat to transfer ownership of two lots to an adjacent property owner.

The lots are the result of a lot split approved by Planning Commission and Sidney City Council in 2018, Dulworth said. The lots were originally intended to be replatted with each of three adjacent residences, but one owner is no longer included. That replat, which was approved by Planning Commission at the same time as the lot split, has been revised and had be approved as revised. The owners of the divided property wish to covey two lots to 504 Johnston St.

The replat will result in a lot with 6,185.5-square-feet and a lot with 5,401.4-square-feet. The new lots do not meet minimum lot size requirements of the zoning code. The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the variance for lot size in November 2019, she told the commission. While the existing dwelling does not meet setback requirements, setbacks are not being affected as a result of the replat, except the rear setback, which will become compliant with code requirements with the replat approval.

The final request approved by the commission was that of Britt Havenar, on behalf of Tom and Angela Martin, for a replat of three lots to create two new lots. The properties at 901 and 917 are located on the southeast side of Fair Road. Dulworth said the purpose of the replat is to divide the center lot and combine with the adjacent lots on either side. Both properties are developed with single family dwellings.

The replat will result in a lot with 10,846.4-square-feet and a lot with 12,850.6-square-feet, she said. The properties are located in the R-1, single family residence district. Both new lots meet the lot size, width and lot width to depth requirements of the zoning code and subdivision regulations. Side setbacks to the new interior lot line are compliant with code minimums. No utility easements are included with this replat. She said this is a built-out neighborhood, with existing utilities, so no easements are necessary.

Commission member Steve Klinger was absent Monday and was excused by the commission.

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.