Armstrong summer outreach program announced

WAPAKONETA – The Armstrong Air & Space Museum is presenting two new outreach programs designed specifically for the Ohio 2020 Summer Library Program theme “Imagine Your Story.”

These, as well as five other programs, are available to book now for local libraries or other facilities.

Throughout the year, the Armstrong Air & Space Museum’s experienced educators bring hands-on programs about space-related scientific phenomenon to places across the area. In the summer, the number of library programs increases, and the educators enjoy bringing their lessons to children yearning to learn during their off-season.

In 2019, the museum visited 138 libraries total between three educators. This year, two new programs are being debuted that fit into the upcoming theme of fairy tales, mythology and fantasy.

Constellation Connection teaches students the stories behind constellations and allows them to create their own constellation with a complimenting story. The lesson Use the Force teaches students how both ancient and modern stories tie into real life science. They will create a unique modern myth and their very own hand-built light-sword. These, as well as five other programs, are available to be booked for the 2020 season.

Ellen Engle, the museum’s outreach educator, taught 2,166 children and traveled 5,352 miles to libraries in 2019.

“A library’s job is to encourage learning, and that is what we do, she said.” “We write lessons to accommodate their themes every year and put a different spin on them by incorporating science or space. Libraries will get an original, informative and, most importantly, a fun activity that they will be talking about after it’s over.”

Individuals can visit for more information and for all pricing, bookings and questions, email or call 419-738-8869.