Board of Elections approves petitons for May Primary

Frye, Jordan to face off in sheriff’s race

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — Petitions were certified Monday by the Shelby County Board of Elections for the March 17, 2020, Primary Election. Only one petition was denied by the board.

County voters will see only one local contested race on the ballot. James Frye, Sidney, and Mark Jordan, Sidney, will face off on the Republican ticket for the office of Shelby County sheriff. Incumbent John Lenhart announced earlier this year that he wouldn’t seek re-election to the post.

Board member Merrill Asher questioned whether both candidates were qualified to run for sheriff and what type of information was received verifying their qualifications

Director Pam Kerrigan said each petition included a sworn statement signed by Shelby County Common Pleas Court Judge James Stevenson which included the information submitted by the candidates containing the qualifications they have to run for sheriff. Those items include Peace Officer training certification and supervisory status which their employers provided.

The board denied the petition filed by Robert Guillozet, Sidney, for the Sidney 2C Ward Republican Central Committee seat. The petition said it was for Sidney 3C Ward, which doesn’t exist.

Other petitions approved were Jeffrey Beigel, Sidney, Shelby County Probate Court judge;Anthony Bornhorst, Fort Loramie, Shelby County Commissioner; John Coffield, Sidney, Shelby County Treasurer; Robert Geuy, Piqua, Shelby County Engineer; Robert Guillozet, Sidney, Shelby County Commissioner; Andrew David McDonald, Sidney, Shelby County Coroner; Michele Mumford, Sidney, Shelby County Clerk of Courts; Timothy Sell, Sidney, Shelby County Prosecutor; and Jodi Siegel, Fort Loramie, Shelby County Recorder;

Republican and Democrat petitions for the Shelby County Central Committee petitions were approved for John Adams, Sidney, Sidney 1B Republican; Randal Ahlers, Fort Loramie, Republican village of Fort Loramie; Joseph Benanzer, Sidney, Cynthian East Democrat; Amy Berning, Fort Loramie, McLean Township Republican; Ted Berning, Botkins Van Buren Township South Republican; Lola Billiel, Sidney, Perry Township Republican; Danny Cecil, Sidney, Clinton Township Republican; Donald Chupp Sidney, Sidney 3B Republican; Brian M. (Matt) Clayton, Sidney, Salem Township East Republican; John Coffield, Sidney, Sidney 4B Republican; Joe Davis, Anna, Dinsmore Township republican; William Deal, Sidney, Salem Township East Republican; Patrick Goldschmidt, Fort Loramie, Fort Loramie Village Republican’ Dale Goubeaux, Russia, Loramie Wet Republican; Gary Heitmeyer, Sidney, Franklin Township Republican; Sanna Hill-Aiken, Sidney, Green Township Republican; Douglas Jackson, Sidney, Sidney 4B Republican; Theresa Kerg, Sidney, Sidney 4D Republican; Amy Klinger, Sidney, Sidney 4D Democrat; Steven Knouff, Sidney, Cynthian Township East Republican; June Laughlin, Sidney, Turtle creek Township Democrat; James Liggett, Sidney, Sidney 1C Republican; Joan Lukey, Sidney, Sidney 2D Democrat; Paul Magoto, Russia, Loramie west Democrat; Michael McRill, Anna, Anna Village Republican; Michael Meyer, Fort Loramie, Cynthian West Democrat; Judith O’Leary, Sidney, Sidney 4B Democrat; Lynne Papenfuss, Sidney, Sidney 2B Republican; Terry Pellman, Sidney,Sidney 4C Republican; HR Pence, Sidney, Orange Township Republican; Tyler Shuster, Anna, Dinsmore township Republican; Lance Symonds, Botkins, Botkins Village Republican; James Thompson, Botkins, Botkins village Democrat; Dennis York, Russia, Loramie Township East Republican; and Ramon Zarazua, Sidney, Washington township Democrat.

Issues that will appear on the March ballot include:

• Village of Anna: Local Option for Sunday sale of wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquor between 10 a.m. and midnight, R&R Takhar Operations, doing business as Anna Marathon, 14262 State Route 119 E., Anna.

• Village of Anna: Local Opetion for Sunday sale of wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquor between 10 a.m. and midnight, R&R Takhar Operations, doing business as Anna Shell, 608 E. Main st., Anna.

Sidney Ward 3A: Local Option for Sunday sale of wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquor between 11 a.m. and midnight at Tavolo LCC, doing business as Tavolo, 101 S. Court St., Sidney.

• Jackson Center Local School District: property tax renewal, 1 mills, a continuing period of time, commencing in 2020 and first due in 2021. Will provide funds for general permanent improvements for the district.

• Sidney City School District: Property tax of additional 7.3 mills for a period of 10 years, commencing in 2020 and first due in 2021.Levy will provide funds for the district to avoid operating in a deficit.

• Loramie Township, Houston Fire District: property tax, additional 2.6 mills for five years, commencing in 2020, first due in 2021. Levy will provide and maintain fire apparatus, equipment and appliances.

• Port-Perry-Salem Ambulance District: Property tax renewal of 1 mills for five years beginning in 2020 and first due in 2021. Funds will provide ambulance and medical service.

In other business, the board:

• Asked the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office to send a letter to Votec concerning the status of the Epollbooks, which are not operating properly. Deputy Director Donnie Chupp said Votec had told him that the batteries in the tablets were not operating properly and the manufacturer is replacing the batters. The county has already sent back four tablets to be fixed and another three or four need to be returned. The board raised concerns that the work wouldn’t be completed before the Primary Election in March.
• Learned the EAP program is being upgraded. It will be reviewed at the January meeting.
• Allocated voting equipment for the March 17 election.
• Discussed the Winter Conference, which will be held in January 2020.
• Approved bills which have been filed for audit.
The board’s next meeting will be Friday, Jan. 17, at 10 a.m.
Frye, Jordan to face off in sheriff’s race

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.