Kiwanians hear about S&H products

Staff report

Staff members and employees of S & H Products addressed the Kiwanis Club of Sidney at a recent meeting.

Executive Director Michelle Herndon said S&H Products employs a staff of 34 and serves 83 area residents, providing vocational, volunteer and social options to adults with developmental disabilities. The company offers employment at S & H, as well as partnerships with area businesses. They also provide transportation for those needing assistance getting to and from work.

Cheryl Long, manager of community integration, gave a few of examples of how the staff assists those they serve: One person wanted to learn how to play golf. Another wanted to learn how to tell time. A third person wanted to learn how to take the bus. She helps teach people to be understanding and accepting of those with developmental disabilities.

Caroline Jo Rickels, a support staff specialist, and clients Scott Skinner, Matt Kahlig and Lee Kinder also spoke.

President Ed awarded a 35-year Legion of Honor award to Past President Jim Stevenson. Merrill Asher announced that this year’s Pancake Day will be April 13.

Staff report