Further study planned for sidewalk project

ANNA — Local residents asked Anna Village Council to suspend the sidewalk program for 2020 during the Dec. 10, 2019, meeting.

Wayne Johnson and several other residents presented photos and a petition to suspend the sidewalk program that is scheduled to impact their streets in 2020. They would like to see something done with the drainage before sidewalks are installed. There are multiple locations where water sits.

Richard Eshleman said when the subdivision was developed, “ditches” were used for drainage and over the years they have been filled in. Joe McKee said when he purchased his house 45 years ago, the drainage was fine and worked properly. Over time, as people disturb the swales, water does not flow properly. There have been instances where driveway culverts have been plugged as well.

After discussion, Village Administrator Mike Homan will contact an engineer to look into their concerns with the drainage.

Council heard the second reading of an ordinance extending the designated “No Parking” on the east side of Meadowview Lane at East Main Street.

Council also adopted a resolution for temporary appropriations for fiscal year 2020.

Council thanked Kathleen Eshleman for her many years of service as a member of village council. She served for nearly 30 years on council.

Homan congratulated the Anna High School football team on its state championship.

Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer attended webinar through UAN for the fiscal year end procedures. There are a number of minor changes and moving forward, the change to the W-4 form should be the only change impacting employees hired after the first of the year or wanting to make changes to their W-4 withholdings.

Upcoming meetings include Public Works, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m. and Parks and Recreation will meet in February 2020.

Council approved the end of the transitional training period for Homan, who has now been the village administrator for a yea. He will be the fulltime administrator and will be on a salary with comp-time for the position. Meyer will go back to parttime and is authorized to work 30 hours per week.

A purchase of self-contained breathing apparatus for the Anna Fire Department in the 2020 budget was approved. The equipment will cost $36,123.65.

Ken Aselage was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Kathleen Eshleman. Her term of office expired Dec. 31, 2019, and no one ran for the seat in the November election.

Mayor Mark Pulfer and Councilman Laura Lentz-Fogt received the oath of office for another term. Both were re-elected in November.

During its Nov. 26 2019, meeting, council approved an agreement with Stolly Insurance Group and the Ohio Plan for insurance coverage from Nov. 28, 2019, through Nov. 28, 2020.

Council learned there has been no response on the proposed waterway. ODOT has issued a permit for the project.

Poggemeyer Design has a preliminary layout for park improvements,which shows the design of the project as a whole. Everything shown in the drawing is a multi-year project, relying on available funding and grants. The design includes six new pickleball courts, two tennis courts and a basketball court in place of the current tennis court area. It also includes a new parking lot to the north, a new shelter/concession house and upgrades to the current parking areas. The village received a $21,944 grant from ODNR for playground equipment.

Public works received approval to purchase a new trailer for the mini-excavator and skid loader. The current trailer is failing. The quote currently on hand will need to be amended to accommodate a wider trailer. The purchase will not exceed $11,000.

Council discussed the village handbook in regards to the three-hour minimum pay callout policy. A public works employee was called into work 43 times over a three-day period. The employee was not eligible for comp time and council decided the employee will receive the pay as outlined in the handbook. There is no maximum number of three-hour minimum pay currently listed.

Council approved a motion to update the handbook to put a maximum of one 3-hour minimum pay per 24-hours and any additional calls will be at the overtime rate for time worked.

The hours worked by part-time police officer Cody Williams will be increased to 30 hours so he will be eligible for insurance.

Officer Kris Lee said there will be an officer on duty patrolling during the busy school times and with Honda traffic.

Homan has received comments about the stop light at Main and Pike streets. A possible solution would be to make the intersection a 4-way stop sign. Kathleen Eshleman noted years ago it was discussed to make it a 4-way stop and there was concern not implement it. Homan will contact ODOT to get their opinion and do a traffic study.

During the Nov. 12 meeting, council enacted and adopted a supplement to the code of ordinances for the village.

In other business council:

• Learned the owners of 308 N. Pike St. are requesting an extension to complete the paving on their driveway with the building of the garage. Their permit was signed on July 24, 2018, and expired one year later. According to zoning regulations, any new driveway must be a solid surface. After discussion, everyone has agreed that by May 31, 2020, the project will be 100% completed.

• Learned the issues with the property 302 N. Pike St. is in the process of being addressed. Eshleman is not in favor of a voluntary assessment as this would set a precedence since there are other houses in town that need addressed as well. Meyer notes, the 2018 sidewalks were assessed to the property and the 2019 sidewalks were due Nov. 26. However, no payment has been received, as of yet, for 302 N. Pike St.

• The finance and personnel committee is recommending a 3 percent cost of living adjustment for all employees, effective the first pay period in January 2020. Council approved the increase.