JC Council adopts codes for 2020

By Matt Clayton - For the Sidney Daily News

JACKSON CENTER — Jackson Center Village Council passed three ordinances adopting the latest editions of three revised municipal codes for the year 2020. Council passed three emergency measures to insure the proper documents were in place for the new year to eliminate any conflicts with the codes from last year.

“This is something we do every year in January,” said village administrator Bruce Metz, “Any changes in Ohio law are reflected in these new codes, the revisions are necessary to insure any amendments in the law are incorporated into the existing codes.”

Three codes adopted were for Administration, Traffic Codes and General Offenses.

In the financial report Chairman Larry Wahrer reported, “Overall 2019 was a very, very, good year for us financially. November income was $229,000 more than expenditures which is good, in contrast December our expenditures were $122,000 more than our income but $475,000 went to pay for our new substation so the inconsistency was expected. True, there were instances of lower incomes from month to month in 2019, but looking a little father back to 2014 our numbers increased substantially and we are thankful for the growth our village and its residents have experienced, and we look forward to another great year in 2020.”

Council heard the second reading of an ordinance which will provide for the employment of legal counsel for the Village of Jackson Center. If approved council will retain Michael Burton as village solicitor, a position he has held for many years.

Also, council passed an ordinance authorizing certain adjustments the 2020 annual appropriations of public funds for the village.

Metz said he received two bids from two local banks on the interest rates they offered on any funding acquired through loans for the pool project. US Bank submitted an interest rate of 2.81 percent for 20 years and People Federal offered a rate of 4.0 percent for the same term.

“2.18 percent is a great rate, our payments will be $26,000 per year which is substantially lower than $29,500 per year from the other folks,” he said.

Council gave their nod for Metz to get the ball rolling and secure the $400,000 loan needed for the project.

“Much of the loan will be covered by the acquisition of grant dollars later in time, we are excited about the updates and renovation of our pool including a new water slide; it’s something the all our residents can be proud of and offers a great opportunity for our village and the local community every summer. Our pool is 50 years old and has served us well, the renovations should provide another 50 years of fun, and we are excited about the updates,” Metz said.

Before going into an executive session to discussthe purchase or sale of property for a public purpose, council heard a brief administrator’s report presented by Metz who noted that due to an unseasonably warm January village employees were making great strides in the installation of a water main and doing concrete work associated with street reconstructions.

The next council meeting will be held Feb. 10, 2020, at 7 p.m.in the council chambers.

By Matt Clayton

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.